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No. You would need a microscope for that.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 21:09:16
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Q: Can you see sperm with your eyes?
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Do sperm cells have eyes?

No they do not

Can you see sperm with the eye?

you can see sperm with a naked eye yes

How does a sperm whale sleep?

He closes his eyes

What are the effects of getting sperm in your eyes?

instant death

What happens if you get sperm in your eyes?

Nothing will happen, it is not harmful.

Can you see male sperm without a microscope?

No. Sperm are microscopic. You can only see the fluid called ejaculate. Sperm is contained in ejaculate.

How do you get to see your sperm?

Well the only way you would get to see your sperm is if you ask your doctor. Sperm is too small to see with the naked eye so if you want to see it, then you will need to have them pull it and put in their machines for you. But why would you want to see it?

Do spiders see out of their eyes?

yes, they do see of their eyes

How do you see through your eyes?

How do you see through your eyes ?

How a man see when sperm is producing first time?

The only way to see the individual sperm is with a microscope.

Can you see dead sperm on a slide For how long?

well, if you are talking about sperm that a man ejaculates; then no. you cannot see sperm with the human eye. it's too small.

Can mice see with their eyes?

What else would they see with?? Mice see with their eyes!

My Eyes Were Closed but now they see?

When your eyes were closed your eyes were shut. They now see because you have opened your eyes

How do you know whether or not a condom broke?

You may see sperm around your vagina or see sperm leaking from the condom or see a ripped condom.

Is it possible to see human sperm with your naked eye?

No it's not possible, you need a microscope to see the sperm cells.

What is sperm made of?

Firstly, sperm are cells, you can't see them with your unaided eyes. I guess you are talking about semen, which is the medium in which sperm travels. Ok, semen is mostly water, actually. A number of glands (like the cowper, prostate) add their contributions along the way. The role of semen is to transport the sperm cells deep within the uterus/fallopian tubes of the female, and to protect the sperm from the acidic nature of that anatomy.

Can sperm in the eyes cause blindness?

No, I don't think it's possible.

Does sperm cells have eyes?

Sperms are very small.They are cells.They do not have organs.

What do people without eyes see?

People without eyes see darkness. They are unable to see what we see.

How can you see when your eyes are closed?

You don't fully see when your eyes are closed, but you can see moving shapes that are close to your face when your eyes are closed.

Can dogs see from their eyes?

Of course they can! They see out their eyes unless they have a lot of fur and it gets in front of their eyes. A condition that may cause them not to see out of their eyes is called cataracts.

How do ants see at night?

their antennas see and smell instead of their eyes their antennas see and smell instead of their eyes their antennas see and smell for them instead of their eyes

Do sperm have eyes?

No. They don't that's partly why it may take a day or more for a woman to get pregnant the sperm literally have to run into an egg.

What kind of doctor do you need to see about women sperm count?

A woman does not produce sperm. Her husband needs to see a urologist.

Is sperm drinkable?

i guess technically it is altho i see no reason for you to drink sperm