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2011-09-21 19:16:44
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Q: Can you sell a car to someone without the title even though the car is for parts?
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Where can you sell a car for parts without a title legally?

You can't. Get a duplicate title.

How can you sell a car for parts without a title?

Yes you can .You must tell the buyer that the car has no title and the parts are sold as is.

Can you sell a car for parts without a title in ma?


Can parts be sold off a car without title to in Texas?

IF it is YOUR car, yes.

Can you junk a vehicle without title if the loan company refuses to repossess the car?

ONLY if you can find someone to buy it without a title. NO buyer, NO seller.

Can you sue someone for selling a car that had a lean on title without letting you no?


Can you put someone on the deed without them knowing it?

It would be possible to quit claim someone on the TITLE without them knowing. You would not have a way to make them liable for the note without their knowledge.

How do you get rid of a vehicle without a title?

You can sell a car without a title. Most people will sell them as parts cars. If the car ever had a title in your name then you can go to the court house and get a lost title for it. If you never had the car in your name you will have to tell and buyers that it does not have a title. It will sell for less than if it had a title but you can still sell it.

Can someone put you as a cosigner without your signature on a car title?

No-they probably forged your signature

Can you sign a truck title over to someone without drivers license in Texas?


What is someone on Twitter called?

Their names can range from the affectionately derogative "Twits" to "Twitterers," though they do not have a specific title.

What can you do if you have a truck that someone left without a title and you cannot afford to fix it or file for a title?

Give it to goodwill, they will come pick it up. What is it, Chevy S10?

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