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Can you sell your financed vehicle to the lien holder for the expected value and pay off the remaining balance if needed?


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2015-07-15 21:23:46
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Erin, congratulations on NOT wanting to get involved in a repo. Sell it to a lender?? PORBABLY NOT. Lenders want money NOT cars. But, you DO want to sell it if possible. Try to find a buyer at the highest possible price. Lets say your payoff is 10K and your best offer is 7 K. $3000 difference. BORROW the 3K,sell for 7K and pay off the loan. Great credit. Still have a loan for 3K that is much cheaper than 10K, NO collectors calling daily and great credit. You save yrs. of INTEREST on a judgement, hours of phone calls from collectors ect. I promise that if you even try to sell the car yourself, you will get MORE for it than if the Lender sells it at auction. Goo thinking and Good Luck


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== == You CANNOT sell or trade a vehicle that YOU don't OWN, and as long as there is a loan debt outstanding on the vehicle, YOU can't sell it, as it still belongs to the company that LOANED you the money to but it. They own it. If you pay the entire remaining balance to the lender, and get a CLEAR TITLE to it, then you can sell, or trade it to whoever you wish, but not before you pay it off, completely.

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Once the vehicle is repoed, if it is not redeemed, the vehicle is sold at auction. This purchase price is applied to the debt. The problem is, the repossession procedure can add much more to the balance owed. So, there is likely to be a remaining balance, and it could be higher than was originally owed on the loan before the vehicle was repoed. In cases where a balance remains, the lender may decide to take legal action and sue the borrower.

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Yes, you can sell a vehicle that is still being financed. You will need to pay the loan company the balance of the loan with the sale proceeds in order to give the buyer a clear title. If you have to sell the car for less than you owe, you will be responsible for paying the balance out of your own pocket in order to transact a legal sale.

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No, there is no extra charges on an insurance policy for a financed vehicle. Only difference will arise in the paper works, and it will mention that the vehicle is hypothecated.

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