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A: Yes you can as long as your laptop has the necessary online fax software and you have the online fax account. Any way, when you subscribe for the service you will be provided with online fax number.

B: Also, you may try to use some fax software, such as joyfax server. Installing it on your laptop and then send and receive faxes.


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You can send faxes as an attachment to your email. You can even have your faxes routed to your email so that you can receive them that way as well. You can also use RapidFAX to send a fax on the internet.

a modem that enables a computer to send and receive faxes

Generally faxing is performed by a fax machine, but there are also computer based faxes as well as server based faxes that can send and receive fax transmissions.

One feature of the online fax service is for you to be able to send and receive faxes using your smart phone.

Efax is a new way for businesses to send faxes without a fax machine. The business is given a toll-free fax number which they can use to send and receive faxes through e-mail.

There are fax services that will receive a fax for you and deliver it as an attachment to your e-mail.

no, you can also send and receive faxes with email fax services.

You can send faxes online! Microsoft has a program that can let you send faxes with a DSL modem or a fax modem. You can also use MaxEmail, ScanR, and MyFax.

No, all your faxes are stored in your email account waiting for you to retrieve them. You don't need to leave your computer on to receive faxes.

Fax machines can only send and receive faxes when the phone line is available. You need to wait for a reply from your recipient to confirm either your faxes are successfully delivered or failed then repeat the sending process when necessary. You need to buy paper and ink. But with internet faxing service, you can send and receive faxes instantly with out the need for a phone line. You can transmit faxes anytime you would want. You can store faxes in your online account so no need for you to buy paper and ink, thus making the system very cost effective.

Yes. You can send and receive faxes without internet. However, you do need to have an active phone line. Faxes are basically just a phone call on a piece of paper!

One disadvantage I see in faxing is that it mainly rely on the power source where in you cannot send and receive faxes when power is out.

There are many programs that you can send faxes through your computer such as Fax software. Most new computer or updated computers have a program already installed to be able to send faxes through the computer.

Not necessarily. You can use the same line for the fax as you use for phone calls, however many things make it desirable to have a separate line for the fax.If you plan on receiving a lot of faxes, when your phone rings you wont know if its a phone call or an incoming fax. You will find its a fax out by the loud screech or series of beeps coming from the other end of the line.If you send large faxes, or send them to many numbers, your phone line will be tied up by the fax machine while its sending & receiving.AnswerWith the online fax service, you can send and receive huge number of faxes using your internet connected PC . This latest faxing technique do not require dedicated phone line. So you can send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet(PDA's, cellphone or laptop).

Internet fax is when a person uses the internet to send and receive faxes, without using phone only networks and a fax machine. A regular fax machine can be used, or an iFax machine can be used to send faxes via email.

You can not send or receive free faxes on your android. This is because a fax machine needs to be connected to a separate phone line.

Are you tired of running to a friend’s office or a copy company to send or receive faxes? Quite a number of free fax services have come and gone over recent years. There may not be one current service that lets you both send and receive faxes for free without a lot of restrictions, but that doesn't mean you can't have your fax and send it too! All you need to do is use two free services, one to send your faxes and another to receive faxes. There are some that allow you to send a limited number of short faxes for free. Some allow you to send two faxes per day, up to three pages each. It may not be high volume, but it can come in handy when you need to get few pages faxed out. The free faxes have an advertisement on the cover page. There is no registration required, and you can send faxes for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. To receive faxes for free, you can get a free U.S. fax number from FaxDigits. Your faxes are delivered as a PDF file to your email inbox. They don't place a limit on the number of free faxes you can receive. You can't choose the location of your free fax number, however, which means that the number most likely will not be in your area. Either of these services alone is pretty nice, but the combined services are almost like having a free fax machine. There is another option through eFax; they are currently giving away a free dedicated fax number to anyone that signs up. All of these faxes work the same way. They are emailed to you. The registration is short and easy. Once you register, you should receive two faxes. One containing your fax number and the other has a file attached that is needed to view your faxes. The fax viewer is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and many other platforms. It is a very small program that allows you to view and print your faxes. When your run the viewer, there is a very small ad banner displayed, which is how the company makes its money. Again, these fax numbers are not generally local numbers. The service is available internationally, but since the fax number is in the U.S., it may not be the most practical service for those outside the U.S. who will receive faxes from their own country.

There are plenty of ways to send and receive even edit documents through internet. Here are some:Email "Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc"DropboxOnline faxes ""DocuSignCudaSignQuip

For a computer to be able to send faxes online instead of by fax machine nothing has to be modified except some fax services do require a software to be downloaded before it can be used.

You can send and receive faxes using your internet connected PC if you have the following requirements: online fax number, online fax account (this is where your incoming faxes are sent and stored) and a provider of the service.

Although a fax machine can't email a fax to you, what you can do is use email fax services so that all your incoming and outgoing faxes are done on your computer. This means you will receive all you incoming faxes on your computer and you can send faxes from your computer as well! Check out the link below for more information on how to start faxing online for free!

A fax machine can be connected to a computer to let that computer send and receive faxes through it. There is also fax software that allows you to attach a file and send it to a fax number.

One can send free faxes to anywhere in the United States and Canada using FaxZero. Only five free faxes are allowed per day and a maximum of four pages per fax.

There are establishments that offers faxing service. You can also use your internet connected PC to send and receive faxes. But you need to subscribe for the service.

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