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When I was 1-3 months along it was the most comfortable to sleep any way I could get a good night`s sleep (morning,noon,& night sickness)....but as the baby grows and the sac the baby lives in expands, I switched to one side or the other with a leg half-bent with a pillow under the bent leg to equalize the height with the rest of my growing`s not a good idea to put your full body weight on the growing fetus as it is "free-falling" in the amniotic fluid and stretches and flexes as it grows. The umbilical cord also needs the room to flow freely, as it is carrying nutrients and oxygen to the baby constantly....hope this helps My ob/gyn's advice is not to. In fact, after the 4th month she recommends sleeping on the left side or back with a bunch of pillows keeping you in a half-reclining position. The left side thing apparently has something to do with the way your baby gets its oxygen supply and the reclining position helps prevent heartburn/acid reflux. Good luck and good health to you all.

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Q: Can you sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?
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Can you sleep on your stomach?

no, you cant sleep with a stomach during pregnancy

Is it safe to sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?

You will hardly be able to sleep if you are on you belly. It will not be good for your or the baby...

Will anything happen to your baby if you sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?

No, it's well protected in there.

Is it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy?

it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy

Should your stomach feel cold during pregnancy?

A personâ??s stomach should feel a little cold during pregnancy. When a womanâ??s stomach stretches during pregnancy, the blood vessels also stretch and become thin which leads to less warmth.

Can your stomach be soft during early pregnancy?


When does your stomach start to get bigger?

during pregnancy

How early along in a pregnancy does the stomach begin to grow?

The stomach is the organ which is the primary digester of food. It does not grow during pregnancy.

What happens if you lay on your stomach during pregnancy?

You may be uncomfortable if late in your pregnancy.

Is it okay to sleep on your stomach on the first and early second trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, your body will tell you when you can no longer sleep on your stomach, probably sometime around 16 weeks.

Why does your stomach burn during pregnancy?

Aids, or the drip.

Is it okay to have a cold stomach during pregnancy?


When stomach comes out during pregnancy?

after 3 month

Can your stomach get hard during the first month of pregnancy?


Is frequent urination and sharp stomach pains a sign of pregnancy?

No It's a sign of pms. You don't get sharp pains in the stomach during pregnancy.

Is it ok to have running stomach during early days pregnancy?

Yes, diarrhea during the pregnancy will not affect the baby or the safety.

How does a hamsters stomach look during pregnancy?

they look swollen in the stomach and the nipples show up

If you get hit repeatedly in the stomach during pregnancy can you miscarry?


What position should sleep during 5week pregnancy?

This early you can sleep in any position you want.

During pregnancy does your stomach beat faster than your heart rate?

During pregnancy, the beat inside the stomach is typically the baby's heart beat. Babies have faster heartbeats normally than adults.

What makes you vomit during pregnancy?

The hormones. Towards the end of pregnancy it can be because the baby is pushing on the stomach

What week do your stomach begin to harden during pregnancy?

The stomach becomes hard as the baby grows in the stomach ,and takes proper form.

When does your stomach begin to get bigger during pregnancy?

Yur "baby belly" wont appear until the first few months during pregnancy. :)

When does your stomach start getting bigger during pregnancy?

12 Weeks

How do you loose your baby during pregnancy?

Get hit in the stomach yell lot

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