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of course.

I guess you're too old not to be training!! :)

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Yes! Anybody can start at anytime!

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Q: Can you start for bodybuilding at the age of 40?
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Should underage bodybuilders be banned?

There is no legal age limit to start bodybuilding so, no.

Is 32 too old to start bodybuilding?

No, 47 is not to old to start bodybuilding unless you have health problems.

Is bodybuilding possible at the age of 53?

yes of course

What age can my twelve year old daughter do bodybuilding?

16 years old is the age i beleive

What is the ideal age to commence bodybuilding to maximize muscle hypertrophy?


What age can you start jerking?

50 for me but i hear 40 is the norm

How do you get more veins in regards to bodybuilding?

veins come with age as your skin thins out.

When does middle age start and end?

The start and end of middle age is sometimes debatable and can depend on the person. For most of the population, middle age begins at age 40 and ends at age 60.

Can a British born young Indian girl compete in bodybuilding if so where do you start?

Start in india itself

How to start body building for female 39 years old?

It is never too late to start bodybuilding - even at 39. So you know what exercises to do, it is best to join a gym or hire a personal trainer who has experience with bodybuilding.

What is the average age of when you gray?

35 to 40 is when most people start to grey

When did Henry Ford start Ford Motor Company?

In 1903 at the age of 40