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Yes you can. Everyone is different. Some people don't experience sicknes at all. Some people do all day, everyday. Some people every once in a while. In fact some people have no symptoms at all. Get a pregnancy test soon. Of course evry woman is different some may experience no morning sickness at all whereas others will experience it all the way through their pregnancy

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Signs of preagnancy?

morning sickness,

Can signs of menopause be confuse for morning sickness?


What are the consequences of morning sickness?

Morning sickness is usually one of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The consequences is usually the lack of appetite.

When pregnant when are first signs of morning sickness?

stomach pains

What can you feel when you are pregnant?

The first signs of pregnancy are morning sickness.

Earliest signs of pregancy?

delayed menstruation, morning sickness, vommitting

What are signs of morning sickness?

Morning sickness could be nausea, stomach pain, sore breast, fatigue and others. It also can take place anytime of day, not just the morning.

What are signs of pregnacy?

Some common signs of pregnancy are a missed period, tender breasts, and morning sickness.

What are signs your husband is wanting out of a marriage?

Vomiting,large appetite,early morning sickness i.e pregnancy signs

Early signs of dog pregnancy?

The earlist signs are Going off food (morning Sickness) Nipple enlargement Behavorial change

What are the top 10 signs of pregnancy besides a missed period?

Morning sickness. ...A fat belly. ^_^

Is excessive hunger and salivation signs of early pregnancy?

no. The best symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness.

Pregnancy signs with in the first 14 days?

Missed period, swollen and/or tender breasts, morning sickness are going to be the most obvious signs.

On birth control what are signs of being pregnant?

morning sickness bigger stomach headaches nausea dizzyness

How to know if it is a girl or boy?

Some early signs for a boy:No morning sickness in early pregnancyHeart rate less than 140 beats a minuteSome early signs for a girl:Morning Sickness early onHeart rate is more than 140 beats a minute

Signs of 1 month pregnant?

Missed period, breast tenderness or swollen nipples, morning sickness, headaches.

What are some signs of being pregnant without a missed period and without morning sickness?

If you have not missed a period it is unlikely you are pregnant.

What are some signs to show you are pregnant?

The first is missing your period, nausea, dizziness, vomit, morning sickness among others.

What are signs of pregnecey?

signs are a late period, morning sickness, and getting a little bigger. some others are you get big u start to fell ashamed of ur self

What are three early signs of pregnancy?

The three early signs of pregnancy is sore breast that comes and goes,morning sickness and scent that u once enjoy smells

What are the unusual signs of pregnancy?

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy are normally, frequent urination, sore breasts and/or nipples, headaches, backaches, a miss period or a light period, and morning sickness.

What are some of the warning signs of pregnancy?

There are many warning signs of pregnancy. Some warning signs include tingling nipples, spotting, cramping, morning sickness, swollen breasts, a missed period, and/or darkened nipples.

How does a woman know if shes pregnant or going through menopause?

For both, the primary sign is amenorrhea (absence of menstruation). Other signs would be morning sickness (for pregnancy) and hot flashes (for menopause).

When will you first sense that you're pregnant?

If you have irregular periods, the first sense that you have may be a flutter around three months. Not everyone has sore nipples, morning sickness or other tell tale signs.

What is meant by... Typhoid Mary was a carrier?

This means that she was a healthy carrier: in other words, she did not look sick, and she showed no signs of sickness. However, because she was in contact with other people, they would contract the typhoid. Typhoid Mary carried the sickness for years, transferring it to other people, but she never showed signs of the sickness herself.