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Can you still buy hollow point ammunition for a Savage 250-3000?


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2007-10-19 16:02:51
2007-10-19 16:02:51

if you can't find ammo available, you could reload your old cases, or even send them off to remanufacturers to do it for you. I don't use .25cal ammo, but if you can find hollow points from Midway, you can make it.


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Hollow Point ammunition is for the most part prohibited in New Jersey, with each round counting as a separate violation.

As far as I know, New Jersey is the only state that restricts hollow point ammo.

There are no state laws in PA which prevent the use or carry of hollow point ammunition. The reason most people can't 'find' a law specifically relating to 'hollow point' is that laws are typically written for items not allowed or legal. Hence, no mention of hollow points. But, in short, yes hollow point ammo is legal in PA. Happy Hunting!

Yes, you can find a wide variety of readily available 9mm hollow point bullets and ammunition.

Yes. Only New Jersey restricts civilian ownership of hollow-point ammunition for self-defense.

No. That is what all of the federal agencies use.

.380 auto ammunition can be a "ball" style bullet or metal jacketed hollow point.

Yes, assuming you can otherwise legally possess ammo.

Yes, assuming you can legally possess ammo.

yes. Gun dealers do not sell illegal items.

Yes. Only New Jersey restricts civilian ownership of hollow-point ammunition for self-defense.

Yes. For every caliber of ammunition, there is a hollow point round that goes with it, except for .50 caliber machine gun and sniper rounds.

As far as I know, the only state to restrict hollow points is New Jersey, but you should check your local statutes.

HST are semi-jacketed hollow point ammunition, and the initials are for Hydra Shock Two, indicating that they are the next generation of the Hydra Shock bullet.

Some target ammunition for rifles has a hollowpoint shape to provide increased accuracy, however, the term hollow point is most commonly associated with handgun ammunition. When used in a defense role, hollow point bullets may expand on impact. This transfers more energy to the target, by expanding produces a proportionately larger wound, and increases the likelihood of stopping an attacker.

No, due to the Hague Convention (which predates the Geneva Convention) signatory nations may not use ammunition which makes death inevitable or causes undue suffering. Expanding ammunition (such as hollow points) are held to fall into this category.

My Father, who is a cop, says YES ... but i dont know the Code/Section number.

Impossible to answer without knowing who made the ammunition, and the projectile weight.

As I understand it, only law enforcment personnel are authorized to carry weapons loaded with hollow point ammunition. The same for New Jersey and probably other states. I know of no law that says you can't buy or have hollow point bullets as a non enforcement person. But, as said, non lawenforcement personnel cannot carry a weapon loaded with hollow point bullets. Gun stores sell hollow point ammo. Therefore, you can buy hollow point ammo to shoot on a range. If hollow point ammo was illegal gun stores could not sell it....... Hollow point ammo is illegal only in New Jersey, and even then, only illegal for certain applications (mainly, weapons carried outside your home). Hollow point ammo is legal in all other states.

Yes, the only place hollow points are illegal is in New Jersey, and they aren't technically illegal, just highly regulated (or more specifically, they are illegal for certain applications in NJ)

Most states allow any type of ammunition that is available on the commercial market. As I understand it, hollow point ammo is not legal in New Jersey, but as far as I know, that is the only state that has that law.

Yes they did. But, in defence of the Obama Administration (you can't know how it pains me to say those words) it is normal to train with the same ammunition that they are issued to carry.

No, not standard hollow points. Only ammunition designed or intended to explode or segment upon impact is illegal. Since standard hollow points are designed and intended to flatten, they don't match the prohibition. This is only my opinion, as per my reading of the specific law: Haw. Rev. Stat. Ann. ร‚ยง 134-8(a), found at Hawaii dot gov

Yes. NJ has restrictions on carrying hollow point ammunition, Arizona does not. It was brought up by a prosecutor in a murder trial in AZ. A retired school teacher shot a person that was attacking him- the prosecutor attempted to portray his choice of firearm and ammunition as "planning" to kill his attacker. That case is being appealed.

Hollow point bullets literally have a hollow point, and ball ammo does not.

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