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If your D&C was because of a miscarriage, you can still get pregnant. If it was due to an abortion it just depends on how your body dealt with the abortion, sometimes our bodies reject fertilized eggs because we got rid of a healthy one so now it thinks its bad. Not having a menstrual cycle for 2 months is not a normal, healthy sign of a D&C so I'd check with a doctor to make sure you are not still pregnant. And to make sure everything is ok.

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Can you get pregnant with out having a menstrual cycle in two months?


The past 2 months during your menstrual cycle you have had only spotting instead of having a normal flow for your period does that mean you could you be pregnant?

Yes. You could be pregnant.

If you are not having periods from last 3 months is there any chance of your's to get pregnant?

If you have not had your menstrual cycle in three months and this has not happened to you before and you are engaging in sexual intercourse, whether protected or not, there is a great chance you are pregnant.

Early menstrual cycle mean pregnancy?

If you were pregnant then you'd no longer have a menstrual cycle, if you don't understand that then you should in no way be having sex or sexually active to risk pregnancy. The menstrual cycle is your body preparing for possible pregnancy, when pregnant the cycle is shut down.

No menstrual cycle for 4 months but no other signs of menopause?

pregnant, ectopic pregnancy, tumor, cancer.

Could you be pregnant if you have not had your period for two months?

Not necessarily. I have an irregular menstrual cycle and sometimes I will go up to 3 months with out having it. If you are really concerned you should go ahead and buy a PT to ease your worries.

Do you have to have a menstrual cycle to get pregnant?


Can you be pregnant and get a menstrual cycle?

You wouldn't get a normal menstrual cycle but light or unusual bleeding does occur.

Can a 49 year old still get pregnant?

Yes, it is possible. If you are still having your menstrual cycle, then for sure yes.

Is it normal to miss up to 6 months of your menstrual cycle and your not pregnant and not taking any meds or pregnancy pills?

NO probably not

Can a person conceive a baby after not having a menstrual cycle for 20 months due to Depo-Provera birth control injections?

Once the injections are stopped, periods should return and then you can get pregnant.

If you dont come on your period does it mean your pregante?

If you mean come, as in having an orgasm, then no, your not pregnant. Nor are you pregnant if you dont have a menstrual cycle one month.

Why is the menstrual cycle so important?

The menstrual cycle is where the woman release an egg. If the egg is fertilized, she will become pregnant and produce a child. The menstrual cycle is important for human reproduction.

What is the role of pregnancy on the menstrual cycle?

When you become pregnant, your menstrual cycle is delayed for next ten periods. That means you will not get menstrual bleeding till delivery.

Will the pill help to balance hormones if trying for a baby then stop taking it?

It worked for me! I was not having a menstrual cycle. My OB prescribed birth control- after one month I had my period- two months later I was pregnant!

Is it normal to have a regular monthly menstrual cycle and suddenly miss a month 6 months after giving birth?

yes if youare pregnant....

Is it normal to miss up to 3 months of your menstrual cycle?

It's normal to miss even more than that if you're pregnant.

If you taking birth control pills and you have not started your menstrual cycle since giving birth 3 months ago can you get pregnant?

yeah you can!

Can she get pregnant 3 days after her menstrual cycle?


Your menstrual cycle is late 2 days?

Your pregnant

Why does semen change her menstrual cycle?

She is now pregnant

When you are pregnant around the time of your menstrual cycle will you have cramps?


Can having more than one sex partner cause a woman's menstrual cycle to be off?

No, having multiple sexual partners has no impact on the menstrual cycle at all.The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, it is controlled by hormonal changes within the reproductive organs and so sex does not change the cycle (unless the person falls pregnant). The menstrual cycle can't tell how many sexual partners a person has, nor would there be any reason for the menstrual cycle to change if a person has multiple sexual partners.

Late menstrual period?

late menstrual can mean that your pregnant, your bodys cycle is changing

Can you become pregnant mid way through your menstrual cycle?

YES- The reason why u can become pregnant through your menstrual cycle only if you have sex while you are bleeding.