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Can you substitute lemon zest or peel for lemon extract and if so what is the exchange?

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In the same way that vanilla extract is the liquid left after macerated vanilla beans are marinated in alcohol, lemon extract is the liquid that is left after lemon zest is similarly infused. To a chemist, in alcohol is a 'tincture', btw. In water, a 'tisane'. If you've an extra day, or so, to spare, simply zest a couple of lemons, then just cover the zest in a tall, narrow, covered container with a neutral grain spirit like vodka. One 30ml 'single' should be plenty. After soaking for (at least) a day, wrap the sodden zest in cheesecloth, or, hang in a strainer lined with a coffee filter, twist firmly, and all the clear(ish) liquid left over is your own, homemade, vanilla extract. If I'm strapped for either time, cash or ideas around any gift-giving occasion, I'll give away an ounce (30ml), or so, as a 'specially crafted' exotic 'neo-foodie'-type gift. Any citrus fruit works like a charm. Empty baby-food jars hold about 2 oz. (60ml). Any citrus fruit with the zest off should be used/eaten inside the next day or two, btw. Meanwhile, if you don't have an extra day, just cover the zest, as above, and rest the container in a warm water bath for an hour...or, as much time as you have!!! You'll need about twice as much of this 'quickie' extract, but it'll work fine. Just remember to reduce another high-volume liquid; water, milk, juice, etc., by the 'extra' volume of the 'quickie' extract. While we're on the subject; don't use 'peel' for anything except candying or ornamenting cocktails!!! It's far too bitter for use in (almost) any kind of cookery.

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How substitute 1 tablespoon of lemon peel for 1 tablespoon of lemon extract?

there is no possible way

Can you substitute lemon peel for lemon juice?

No, it is not a substitute. Lemon peel does not provide any liquid.

What is a substitute for orange peel in a cooking receipe?

1/2 teaspoon orange extract OR 1 teaspoon lemon juice

What is the difference between lemon juice and lemon extract?

Lemon juice is made from the juice of the fruit. Lemon extract is a mixture of the lemon peel and alcohol.

Can you substitute lemon juice for lemon peel?

yes put the lemon peel in later over night and squeeze the peel in the morning into the water and it will taste like lemon juice

Can you substitute lemon peel for lemon zest?

Yes, you can. Lemon peel is lemon zest. Just grate your peel really fine and make sure not to get the meat of the peel - only the extreme top layer.

What is a substitute for lemon peel?

If you want it for taste or 'zest', I don't believe there is a substitute.

Can you substitute dehydrated lemon peel for lemon zest?

yes you can it is the same thing.

Where can a recipe for lemon bars be found that uses lemon extract instead of lemon juice?

I cannot find any such recipe. Lemon extract actually comes from the lemon peel, not the juice of the lemon.

Any substitute lemon grass?

You can substitute lemon zest. That's the yellow part of the peel without any white on it.

How substitute lemon juice for lemon peel?

Lemon juice can be substituted for lemon peel by adding 1/4 teaspoon per whole lemon. This gives a similar taste when peels are not available or wanted.

Is there a substitute for orange extract?

Orange extract is itself a (longer shelf-life) substitute for orange zest, the very thin shavings of orange peel.

Can you use orange peel instead of lemon peel when baking?

If you are just wanting a citrus flavor, yes you can. However, orange peel will taste different from lemon peel so you might not want to substitute.

How much lemon juice equals one teaspoon lemon zest?

How much peanut butter equals one teaspoon of jelly? Lemon zest is not the same thing as lemon juice. Lemon zest is finely ground peel from the lemon. It will never taste like lemon juice. If you are looking for a lemon zest substitute, lemon extract would be better, as the flavor in the extract comes from the same lemon oil that flavors the zest. Use half the zest called for. So if the recipe calls for a tablespoon of zest, use half a tablespoon of extract.

Can you substitute lemon peel for lemon flavoring?

If you really want to. i dont know how good it would taste, though

Can you substitute lemon juice for lemon extract?

Yes, but remember that lemon extract is a concentrate so is much stronger in taste. You will need to use a bit more lemon juice for a lesser amount of extract.If you feel you must add to this answer, please add to the bottom.Since lemon extract is much stronger, I would use 1/2 again as much of the lemon juice. However, if your recipe calls for water or milk in the mixture, cut that back by a tablespoon or two because you are adding in a little more liquid with the lemon juice than the recipe calls for.I'd only use real lemon juice or Real Lemon in the green bottle, if you are using it to make a substitute buttermilk, you can use vinegar.Grated rind is betterLemon extract is so much stronger than juice that it will be almost impossible to get a similar flavor. I would try substituting lemon juice for ALL the liquid - water or milk - but you still may not get the same lemony flavor. A better bet would be to use the grated rind of 1 or 2 lemons. Beware AcidityLemon extract does not contain acid. If the recipe that calls for extract has something in it that would react with acid (ie. baking soda) juice would not be a suitable can take lemon juice concentrate and and boil it down some with a bit of sugar and you get anice substitute for extract.Correct AnswerLemon extract is made from lemon oil and alcohol. Lemon oil comes from the lemon zest (the yellow part of the peel). Therefore lemon zest would be the substitute for the lemon extract. Do not use lemon juice, it will make the dish lemony but very tart. More juicewell i perfer lemon juice. But yes you can use lemon extract but if you use;use half of what they call for for lemon juice. And that's b/c lemon extract is very strong..The person that said to use the lemon zest gave the correct answer.

Where do you find lemon peel?

You can find a lemon peel on a lemon.

Is there a substitution for lemon peel?

Lime peel, or dried lemon peel from a grocery store.

Can you substitute orange peel for zest of one orange and if so what is the exchange?

Orange zest is orange peel. So the zest of one orange is the peel of one orange. No substitution or exchange is required. The term zest often implies that the peel is finely grated or shredded.

How do you grate a lemon peel?

You can get lemon zest - the peel of a lemon - by using a zester, or a fine grater.

Is lemon peel the same as lemon zest?

Lemon peel is dehydrated lemon zest; the outer skin without the white membrane. Using lemon peel out of a bottle will save you time in cooking when the recipe calls for lemon zest.

When you use a fresh lemon for the lemon peel do you just peel it?

No, use either a zester or grater to remove the peel for recipes.

What is lemon peel?

This is the zest of the lemon, dehydrated and minced. Minced lemon peel is often used in making baked goods.

How many tablespoons is in a lemon peel?

One teaspoon full of lemon peel is equal to one lemon. So I would say the lemon peel of 3 lemons would equal 1 tablespoons

What were lemon peel baseballs filled with?

Orange peel