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Q: Can you substitute splenda for honey?
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What can you substitute sugar with?

Honey or for no calories you can use Splenda

How do you make sugar free fudge?

Just substitute the sugar in your recipe with honey, splenda, equal or whatever sweetener you want.

How can you use Splenda in a cheesecake?

You can replace the sugar in the recipe for Splenda, which is a sugar substitute.

Can you substitue splenda for honey?


What is a good Sugar substitute for baking?

Splenda is best.

Is splenda the best sugar substitue for diabetics?

No...Splenda has terrible side affects. Try 'Stevia', an all-natural substitute/

What can you substitute for honey?

Molasses or syrup can substitute for honey.

What can be used instead of sugar?

most any kind of syrup, honey, splenda, stevia, nutra sweet...splenda works best for me and it doesnt taste as bad as some artificial sweeteners.

How do you substitute Splenda and unsweetened chocolate for sweet baking chocolate?

In proper amounts, yes.

What is the difference between white sugar and splenda sugar?

Splenda is a sugar-substitute, and it is not real sugar, technically speaking. While both types of sweetners will eventually have the same effect and almost identical tastes, the artificial sweetner (splenda) will have significantly less calories in it.

Is it possible to make a sugar cookie without sugar?

You could substitute splenda or another sweetener.

What is a substitute for amylase?

An answer for this question is: Honey.

What is better for you Splenda white sugar or honey and why?

Honey is definitely better for you. White sugar is bleached and void of alll nutrients. Splenda has aspartame which many believe to be harmful for you. Honey is filled with natural nutrients (if you buy pasteurized then some of the bacteria and nutrients have been burned away). It also has lots of great minerals, vitamins and is a natural and pure source of energy/sugar!

Substitute sugar for honey?

Sure honey tastes great

What can you substitute for sugar when baking?

Stevia or Splenda will work. Artificial sweeteners that are acceptable baking substitutes will note such on their packaging.

What is the liquor substitute for drambuie?

Drambuie is a liqueur that consists of scotch whisky, honey, and herbs. You could probably substitute it with any other scotch with a little bit of honey blended in.

Is there a substitute for cantaloupe?

honey dew

How can you make condensed milk using splenda?

Condensed milk like Eagle Brand is made with a lot of sugar. Not sure what you can use instead in a recipe. Look up how to make condensed milk at home. Maybe then you can figure out how to substitute Splenda for the sugar.

What ingredient is found in diet pudding not found in regular pudding?

Most likely some kind of sugar substitute such as splenda.

What can you use to substitute for 2 tbsp of molasses?

Depending on the recipe, honey can substitute for molasses most of the time.

Can you substitute agave for honey in recipes?

Yes you can in fact agave honey is quite delicious.

Can honey be used as a substitute for vanilla extract?

Not really. You use vanilla extract to give food the taste or smell of vanilla. Honey does not taste or smell like vanilla. However, you can use honey as a substitute for sugar or other sweeteners.

What is Sugar free recipe?

A sugar free recipe is a recipe which uses either a sugar substitute like Splenda or saccharin or no sugar.

How do you make sugar free apple pie filling?

To make a sugar free apple pie filling substitute Splenda for the sugar.

What can you substitute cane sugar with?

Honey or syrup