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If you own the trademark on the keywords/ name of the domain, then you may have grounds to pursue legal action. If it is a generic word/s, then you may struggle to have a case. I would recommend seeking legal advice from someone who specialises in online/ digital law.

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Q: Can you sue a company who bought a domain name the same as your own after you got yours?
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How do you get a personal domain in personal website.?

Search on the internet for "domains", then select a company, pay them the required fee and get your personal domain name. As long as you pay the monthly or annual fees associated with this "license", your domain will remain yours.

How do you disassociate yourself from a domain name?

Usually, there's an option to cancel the subscription to a domain name if you bought it from a provider. It may be as easy as sending the domain provider an email or phone call. If they won't allow it, or if you signed a contact or agreement that says the domain is yours for an allotted time, they will not take it (Or disassociate it) unless conditions can be agreed upon.

Where can one find information on domain name renewals?

Information on domain name renewals can be sought initially on the company from whom the name was bought as there might be limited time frames on the name option. Alternatively a site like Go Daddy can explain options simply and in plain english.

Where to buy a domain name for a company?

One of the popular places to buy a domain name is GO DADDY.

What is the function of a domain host?

A domain host functions as a host for your website. For example if you want a website for your company, you will require a domain host in order to set up a domain for your website. Often you can purchase a domain name that matches the name of your company.

What is the Yahoo Mail domain name?

The Yahoo Mail domain name is Yahoo. They use this domain name because it is easy for people to remember and it is not different from their company name.

What does domain name lookup mean?

Domain name lookup lets you see whether a particular website name (the domain) has already been bought by someone. If so, it shows you who is the registered owner of that particular website name (the domain), their address, and until when they own it.

How do you renew your domain name?

Visit the website you bought your domain name from. Sign in, and they will most likely show you where you can do so. It varies between registrars.

What steps do I follow to transfer a domain name to someone?

To transfer a domain name simply contact the company who your domain name is registered from. Many companies allow you to do this online.

Is it possible to transfer a domain name?

Yes you can transfer a domain name by going through the hosting company. The person who owns the domain will have to be the one to do the transfer.

How do you buy a web domain name?

There are many domain hosting websites and providers; And they all differ in packages and price. Buying a domain from the providers will make the domain "Yours", so long as you keep paying the provider for it.

How can one go about getting a domain name?

There are many domain name registrars which one can purchase their domain name from for a fee - the main problem being that sometimes a desired domain name may already be taken. An advantage however, is that one does not have to be a company to buy a domain name, one can register as an individual.

Is your chosen domain name solely yours when on a free hosting site?

this is by far the top hosting site everyone is using so far in 2021!!!(delete spaces then copy the link) :// yazing .com/deals/bluehost/Glamz

Which search engines allow one to find a domain name for their company?

One of the engines allow one to find a domain name for their company is the Go Daddy engine. It also allows companies to purchase domain names as well.

Where can one get a low cost domain name?

NetworkSolutions, DomainNames, and Register are popular, cheap sites where domain names can be bought. GoDaddy and Domain are also low-cost options for domain names.

Where can I go to resell my domain name?

GoDaddy is probably the most popular site that lets you resell your domain name. However, most domain names that are worth money have already been bought by large corporations.

How much does a domain name cost on the internet?

The cost of domain names can vary depending upo nthe domain name you are trying to register and the company you purchase the domain name from. Expect to pay $7.99 or upward into the thousands of dollars.

Do you have to give a domain name back to a company with the same name?

If the company name is a recognized or registered trademark, you may be required to surrender the domain name to them, particularly if it can be shown that you acted in bad faith, e.g. you were squatting on the name to force them to buy it from you.

Who are some reliable companies for domain name services?

Bluehost is a very reliable company for domain name services. Their work is great and pleasant. They are an amazing company and their results are never disappointing.

Where do you register a domaine name?

You can register a domain name with a domain registration company. regards Dean

How do you register a website domain name?

The best way to register a website domain name would be to go through a domain name company such as GoDaddy. Once you know what kind of website you want, you just need to make sure that the domain name is available.

What is a website owner?

Usually the person or company who purchased the domain name that is used to access the website. Without a domain name a website is not accessible from the internet. You can also specify who the owner is when purchasing the domain name.

How long does a domain name transfer usually take?

A domain name transfer generally takes a few days to complete, however this time difference will specifically depend on the company who manages your domain and the status of your domain.

What is a Trial Domain Name?

There is a 5 day period after you register a domain name during which you can return the domain name and get a refund. It works like a cooling off period. It is designed to allow you to return a domain name if you accidentally misspell your domain nameor make an error in the registration of your domain name. You should contact the company through which you registered the domain name in order to seek a refund.

What does the domain name 'com' mean?

.com is shot for company.