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You can SUE anyone. It just means to ask. You're asking the courts to step in to correct damage. If you're asking if it's possible to WIN a lawsuit, probably not. You would have to demonstrate that they made a mistake and when the corrected information was presented to them from a verifiable source, they refused to resolve the problem. Rather than get "sue happy", why not spend the same effort trying to get the problem resolved?

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Q: Can you sue a credit reporting agency?
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What is a credit reporting agency?

A credit reporting agency (CRA) is a company that gathers and sells financial history information

When Will The Credit Reporting Agency Respond To A Credit Report Dispute?

Whenever you submit a credit report dispute, the credit reporting agency has as much as 45 days from receiving your dispute to do an analysis. The credit reporting agency generally will get 30 days to research your dispute, but when you signal more details inside the 30-day window, the credit reporting agency will get yet another 15 days, getting the total to 45. Once the credit reporting agency has got the outcomes of the analysis, the agency should inform you about the results within 5 working days.

Who do you get your credit score from?

The CRA (Credit Reporting Agency/Bureaus).

Are credit reporting agencies international?

There are very many countries with credit reporting agencies. Credit agencies use them to receive their data quickly. If there is a credit agency in any particular country then more than likely there is a reporting agency.

What is the difference between a Consumer Reporting Agency and A Credit Reporting Agency under the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

there is no difference, it is the same. They were called Credit reaporting agencies several years ago, then the terms was changed to consumer reporting agencies as they are not used for more than just Credit Reporting.

Law that stops a company from reporting to a credit agency while the matter is in litigation?

cite the law that prevents a company from reporting to a credit agency while that item is in litigation?

How do you remove a reposession from a credit report when the reposesion was the finance company's error?

File a consumer dispute with the credit reporting agency. You can do that online as each reporting agency has it's own website.

What time limit is required for a collection agency to wait before reporting to your credit?

By federal mandate, the credit reporting agency must NOT report you to the credit bureaus until 30 days past the date of the letter sent to you.

What does a consumer reporting agency do?

A consumer reporting agency is an agency that collects information on certain individuals. They then sell this information to possible creditors to help them decide the credit worthiness of the individual (or whether a person should be allowed extended credit).

What federal agency helps protect your credit rights?

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act

Who can report to a credit reporting agency?

Any lendor or lending institution.

Is chex system a credit reporting agency?

Yes it is under the FCRA

How do you find out from a collection agency who sent you to them for collection when you never was notified that you were in collection you discovered it on your credit report?

File a dispute with the credit reporting agency.

Can you sue a credit reporting agency for repeatedly putting a bankruptcy on your credit report that is not yours?

You can sue ANYBODY for ANYTHING............winning is another story. 04/13/07 - Yes, you can sue them..problem is, you won't get much. There are limitations on the fines. Instead of suing them for false reporting, you have to go after them for defamation..etc. I had all three credit reporting agencies that kept putthing things back on my report after they were provided proof that the debt was not mine. We ended up in court and I ended up with $36,000 in my pocket. The information never showed up again. :o)

Does a real estate lien from an HOA affect your personal credit?

The lien can be reported to a credit reporting agency.

What credit report agency does Georgia bank and trust use for mortgage?

When trying to get a mortgage from Georgia Bank and Trust, it is a common practice for the bank to run your credit through one of three credit reporting agencies. The website for the bank does not list what credit reporting agency they use.

Where can one find a Credit Reporting Agency?

Credit reporting agencies can be found in a number of locations. The most common locations are the yellow pages, on online at equifax, gcs-credit, and consumer.ftc.

Can a collection agency sue for unpaid credit card debt?


How does a small business report to a credit agency?

If I were a small biz... I would go to Google and search for Experian, Trans-Union, and whatever that other credit reporting agency is, or just search for credit reporting agencies, go to their websites and look for info on how to report.

What are the laws pertaining to a credit reporting agency still reporting after a bankruptcy discharge?

Debts included in the bankruptcy should be noted as such in the credit report. The bankruptcy will remain on the credit report for ten years.

What do I have to do to get a free annual credit report?

If you have been turned down for credit recently you are entitled by law to get a free credit report from the credit reporting agency that supplied the information. Call or write the agency to make your request.

How do you report to a credit reporting agency?

Consumers don't report their own credit history to credit reporting agencies - Lenders do. However, you can file a consumer alert with each of the agencies that will put your statement on file.

What does xpn1 previous status 09 in credit report mean?

XPN1, XPN2.....are reports from the credit reporting agency Experian EFX1, EFX2.....are reports from the credit reporting agency Equifax 1 and 2 most likely identify you and your spouses individual report with a combined rating for certain types of credit.

Can a reporting agency change dates on credit report after a dispute?

Yes, the credit reporting agency can update the Date of Last Activity, Date last Reported, etc... But they cannot change the FCRA compliance date, which is the date the account is supposed to come off your credit report.

What if a carlot doesn't report your payoff on a car how can you get that fixed?

File a dispute with the credit reporting agencies. The car lot will have to prove that you still owe money or the credit reporting agency will change it.