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Can you sue for back child support now that your child is adult?


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As in a new claim? No, only the child can up until age 19.


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No, it is still owed with interest. The back child support was supposed to be paid while the child was growing up. Check your state laws.

Generally, no - although there might be an exception for a severely disabled child.

You still owe the back support. Once the child reaches the age of majority (as defined by the support order) there will be no continuing obligation.

If there is a child support order in place, and your child is now an adult and has completed their education, then yes. You can have the order modified to stop child support as the child no longer meets the requirements of child support

Yes, if a parent owes back child support, they will have to pay it until it is zeroed out even when the children are grown. The age of the child does not affect back child support at all.

this kind of sucks, but there is nothing you can do. you're a legal adult in which case child support is not warranted anymore.

As you have now given up your rights to the child you do not have to pay back child support.

The child is almost an adult, it seems a bit late to ask for child support now. By the time this get to court, the point may be moot. However, in some jurisdictions the court will reach back to assess child support.You need to consult an attorney.

Your mother should have pursued your father in court for child support when you were young. In most jurisdictions you have no legal standing to sue your father for child support now, and especially if there was no original child support order. If there was an order at some time your mother may be able to sue for arrears but that seems not to be the case.

Yes.Just because she is pregnant she didn't become a adult or got a job did she? The father of her child has to pay child support for his child and you for yours.

There is, if you think about it, no such thing as an adult child. If you are 26 you are an adult and if for some reason you were not supported by your biological parent as a child, it is a bit late to do anything about it now.

I think she is to late now, the boy is almost a adult what will she get.

Probably, but there should be a credit for past-due support owed to you.

no Yes there is, I am facing one now

Once the child has reached maturity, past child support is uncollectable. Frustrating as this is, that is the way it goes.

Advise them to go and get a job. Now they are adult they don't need child support.

Um, do you think they have changed? If not, it is not worth the time, emotion and trouble to pursue this. Let it go, the child is an adult.

You certainly can, so long as there was an order for child support when you had the child. If arrears accumulated and the other parent now has the child, you are still entitled to the arrears. If there was not a preexisting order for support when you had the child, you might be able to receive retro support, though the laws vary from state to state.

Petition the court for a modification. If the back support was for any state aid the mother was on, then it can't be forgiven. If it isn't for that, then the mother can write a letter saying she forgives the back support owed to her.

the statute of limitations never expires for unpaid child support

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