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Can you sue someone in another city or state?

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Yes. In most cases the plaintiff must file suit in the appropriate state court of the state where the defendant resides.

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Can someone sue a city in the state of Indiana?


Can you sue someone in small claims court in another state?


Can i sue if someone is calling me names and that person is in another state?

No, asshat, you can't.

How do you sue someone civil living in another state?

File the suit in the appropriate court of the state in which the defendant resides.

Can you sue someone from another state even if the accident happened in another state?

Yes, although the suit might have to take place in a court of the state the accident happened.

Can divorce someone in US then sue him in another country for the same?

Sue For what marrying you?

How do you recover monies owed to you from someone who flees to another state?

If a person owes you money but has moved to another state, you will probably have to sue them in that state. You should meet with an attorney in your area to discuss the specifics of your case.

Can an employer be sued knowing that their employee drinks when delivering packages?

Absolutely, especially if the driver injures or kills someone while on the clock. The victim can sue, the city, the state...they can all sue you.

Can a citizen of one state sue a citizen from another state?


Can one company sue another company that is in another state?


Can creditor sue you if you live in another state?


Can you sue someone who scammed you for money in another country?

no, sorry.

Can a citizen from one state sue government of another state in federal court?


Can you sue someone in New York if you live in California?

Yes, but you must sue them in the state court in the county where they reside.

When citizens of the same state sue one another who handles their case?

The state courts

What is the purpose of the 11 amendment?

So one state cannot sue another state.

A state can sue another state only in the?

States can sue each other for all reasons. However, in order for states to sue each other, they must go through the Supreme Court.

Can you sue someone after 10 years?

Yes you can sue someone after 10 years. But it depends on the type of crime. Another factor that determines this is the type of country which the law operates.

What is the phrase that means a person can't sue someone in a different state?

You may be thinking of diversity of citizenship (don't confuse with whether a citizen of US), but that doesn't mean you can't sue someone who lives in a different state.

Can a state be sued?

It depends. The 11th amendment grants states sovereign immunity from lawsuits. The state can waive its right to be sued by its own citizens, but it doesn't have to. The only way a state can be sued is if it is sued by another state. If two states sue each other, then the US Supreme Court has original jurisdiction. Downside is, you cannot sue your own state. BUT, municipalities and local governments do not have sovereign immunity, so you can sue your city government.

Can you sue someone in California for a dog you bought if you live in Mississippi?

You can, but you have to sue them in the state where the purchase took place. That will mean travel for one of you.

Can i sue a person from another state who owes me money in small claims court?

Yes, you can sue a person from another state if that person owes you money. Access your local small claims court to file the lawsuit.

Can a debt laywer sue you from another state?

They can bring charges from another state. Often the agreement that the debt was incurred under specifies a state to bring charges in.

Can an attorney from another state sue you for a credit card charge off?

Yes, if he/she is licensed to practice in your state.

This is the only court in which one state may sue another?

Supreme Court