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Can you sue you if you made you lose your job?


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You can sue for anything. "Sue" means "Ask". You're just asking the court to award you money for your real or imagined loss. Whether the court will award you anything s questionable, especially something as trivial as this.

The answer above is wrong. civil law does NOT allow you so sue everyone. You must have "standing" to sue - an actual relationship to the defendant. Judges will immediately dismiss a suit against an employer you never worked for or applied to - no standing to sue.

A court is not where you ASK for money. A civil trial is where the Plaintiff has the entire burden of PROVING with admissible evidence that he/she suffered substantial damage CAUSED by the action of the defendant, or defendant's failure to perform a known duty (negligence).

There's no asking, there is PROVING.


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Workers compensation is supposed to be the sole remedy if you are injured on the job. ...and unless your employer was GROSSLY negligent, you cannot sue.

You could sue, but you'd lose. The city isn't responsible for the acts of Federal officers.

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Generally speaking, no. However, if you falsely report somebody in a way that causes them to get injured or lose a job, for example, they could sue you.

If your employer offers WC benefits and you qualify for them, you can never sue for your injury. You never had a "right" to sue.

You can lose your job. They could even sue for their money back as you obtained it under color of fraud. In some cases it can lead to criminal charges, particularly if the job is with a government agency or a company that does government work.

Sure you can, but you will probably lose. If you were at fault then you were at fault, you cant sue the other guy cause of something you did. Sure you can, but you will probably lose. If you were at fault then you were at fault, you cant sue the other guy cause of something you did.

How long you can sue your job after a work injury varies slightly from state to state. In most states you have three years to sue for a personal injury or accident at work.

Why would you sue and want to be there? You don't sue them... You can fight for your job if you have grounds that the charges you were fired for are incorrect. But... if you were fired, you did something wrong! And you must have completed your two year probation period to fight for your job back.

I lost my job and I have to foreclose on my home. can I be sued by the lender.

In the US, you can sue anybody for anything you want. You'll probably lose, but you can do it.

job loss is when you lose your job or get fired same thing.

if you made the accident(specially if it prove you did it on purpose) it is almost certain you will lose the lawsuit and even get sued yourself for fraud

If you caused the crash, you can't sue anybody and win. You will obviously lose- you caused the accident. If you were hit by the car and were doing everything right, then sue the person who hit you.

if you get injured at work then they will pay for ur bills and everything that you had to pay for for that injury.they will not give you a limited time off. your boss might put you in a lower position, but they can't fire you. if they do, u can sue them. P.S-my dad told me all of dis The answer above is wrong. Employees cannot be fired BECAUSE of a workers comp claim, but can be fired for misconduct, poor performance, bad attendance even while off on lost time injury. You CAN sue ... you will lose.

They will lose their job, but you won't lose your job if you are the company owner.

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No, you will not be able to sue someone for offering you a job and then not being able to follow through. And given that they are bankrupt, what are you going to sue for? They don't have any money and there is a good chance they are going to be getting rid of a lot of employees.

Sue. I should think that is preferred.

You mean for example if someone you knew had a big nose and you didn't like their nose could you sue them? Sure. You'd lose though..

-You can lose relationships with friends and your family -You can lose your job

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