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No, but your mother can. * Yes,in most states once a child becomes of legal age they can sue a parent for non-support only if there was a valid court order for support to be paid. States that allow such litigation also have established SOL's concerning the matter.

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Q: Can you sue your dad for back child support now that you are 18?
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Can you collect back child support if your children are now adults?

Yes, if a parent owes back child support, they will have to pay it until it is zeroed out even when the children are grown. The age of the child does not affect back child support at all.

If you now have full custody of the child do you have to pay back child support?


In the state of Texas does a father have to pay back child support if he gives up his rights to a child?

As you have now given up your rights to the child you do not have to pay back child support.

Do kids have a say if they want child support or not?

In addition Im 18, my brother's 17 and my sister's 15. we lived with our dad for 12 years and my mom paid child support for that time. Now my dad moved away because my mom was getting to him ( not gonna go in detail). we live with our mom now, and she is seeking child support from my dad, i DO NOT want that. Do we have a say in any of this ?

Can you stop back child support when the child is now an adult?

No, it is still owed with interest. The back child support was supposed to be paid while the child was growing up. Check your state laws.

Is there a statute of limitations on going after child support mom never asked for child support now i am 32yrs old and mom wants dad to pay child support now. even thought told her not to. confused?

no yes when you turn 18

The child moved in with her mother that owes me back child support. do i have to pay child support now?

Probably, but there should be a credit for past-due support owed to you.

Is there Extradition for back child support?

no Yes there is, I am facing one now

If a parent never paid child support while the child was a minor is the child entitled to any back child support now that the child is an adult?

yes dead beat.

If dad never paid child support now you are 55 years old can I still claim my child support owed?

I believe all child support owed is always there and can still be enforced.I know someone who is in their 30's and their mother is now finally getting the child support owed to her out of her ex's social security income.

My dad never paid child support after the court ordered him to pay im 24 now can you get back pay?

Yes but any money received will still go to your mom, not you.

If you are 24 years old and your mother is now receiving back child support from the father are you allowed to get the child support from the mother?

no it goes to the mother.

Can you get back child support if the other parent has the child now?

You certainly can, so long as there was an order for child support when you had the child. If arrears accumulated and the other parent now has the child, you are still entitled to the arrears. If there was not a preexisting order for support when you had the child, you might be able to receive retro support, though the laws vary from state to state.

Do you have to go back to court once the child graduates?

If there is a child support order in place, and your child is now an adult and has completed their education, then yes. You can have the order modified to stop child support as the child no longer meets the requirements of child support

The child is now 15. What will happen to the father paying child support and back child support if you get back together after 15 years?

Petition the court for a modification. If the back support was for any state aid the mother was on, then it can't be forgiven. If it isn't for that, then the mother can write a letter saying she forgives the back support owed to her.

What happens if you owe child support however the child is now an adult?

You still owe the back support. Once the child reaches the age of majority (as defined by the support order) there will be no continuing obligation.

If back child support is owed in California and you now live in Texas can they still collect?

Yup. The sun never sets on unpaid child support.

Is it legal for a mother to be forced to pay back child support of now grown children?

the statute of limitations never expires for unpaid child support

My mother never paid child support for my sister and I. We are now over the age of 18. Can my father sue to get back child support?


Can your dad have to pay child support if he never did and your adult now?

In most states, no. The statute of limitations in most states require that child support be requested before the child reaches the age of majority. If you are past the age of majority, your mother cannot request child support anymore.

If you have not paid child support because of bank repute?

If you have not paid child support because of bankruptcy in Canada? If you have not paid child support because of bankruptcy can you go back if the person is now working and have a income?

Can you sue for back child support now that your child is adult?

As in a new claim? No, only the child can up until age 19.

Can you receive back pay for child support if the child is an adult now?

Generally, no - although there might be an exception for a severely disabled child.

Can you get back child support if you never filed for it and the child is now 24?

No, at the maximum, you had until the child turned age 23 in Ohio.

If child support hasn't been ordered and the child is now 14 how far back can the courts go to make you pay back child support in Texas.?

Five years, unless the mother was on welfare. see link