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Q: Can you sue your former company if one of the managers call without being called your prospective employer and says bad things?
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Would I be test blood pressure in a pre-employment drug test?

Are you wondering if a prospective employer can test you for prescription drugs like BP medicine without your knowledge? The answer is no and if you were tested for those drugs you have grounds for a nice juicy lawsuit. An employer CAN give you a physical, but not without your consent.

Is it a crime for a company to share your private information with another company?

Unfortunately no. I thought it was. Your private information is for the use of your current employer only and is therefore confidential. And as we all know, confidential information is NOT to be given to anyone or any other business. So, in other words, yes it is illegal for a company to give another company your confidential information, because for all they (they being the info giver being your employer) know the "other" company could be a fraudulent company that wants that info for their own personal gains (in other words, ID Thieves). That depends on what grounds we are discussing the issue at. If you owe a company money, then they may share this information with anyone interested in lending you money or providing you housing or employment. Your payment history is also readily available. When a prospective employer calls your employer for job verification, they may ask anything they wish. The current employer may tell the prospective employer anything that is truthful UNLESS you have specifically instructed them not to. There are some issues that are not legally transferable without your consent. Health information is one example. HIPAA laws prevent this. Social security information can be transferred if the information is required to preform work. My company, for example, transfers your social security information to a payroll service to issue your check. It would not be legal for this information to be transferred to my bank or other company that does not need to use this information to preform work for my company. I could not give the local hospital this information as an example. The local Hospital could not tell me about your health without your consent.

Can your employer fire you if they suspect problem to substance abuse?

Absent a contract between you and your employer or local law/company policy stating otherwise, an employer may fire you for any or no reason with or without notice.

Why management is important to an organization?

for real the company or organization can't operate without the supervision of the managers on top.

Bachelor's degree with no experience?

Wait a minute ... you have a four year degree without any experience ... assuming you chose a "major", you would have lots of knowledge about what it is you want to do. Now you have to convince a prospective employer that you have what it takes to make the job happen, then do it.

Can the company change your working conditions without your consent?

An employer has obligations to protect the health and safety of employees, hence, the company could not introduce dangerous changes to the working conditions, however, nothing prevents a company from introducing changes which are safe. If your employer would like the walls where you work to be a different color, you do not have a veto over that decision.

Can an employer apply for workmans comp without employees request?

No one "files for" FMLA. The employer unilaterally grants it or denies it, based only on the employees' status. The employee is not consulted, and need not want FMLA. The employee cannot waive FMLA if the employer grants it.

Can an employer make you pay back your register out of your paycheck without going through the courts first Then fire you if your register is short again even if you are paying the company back?

No, employees are not liable for company losses.

Can your employer dismiss you without giving you reasonable notice?

Yes, the employer can dismiss the employee without notice at certain cercumstaces. This can be for theft.

Can an employer cancel your health insurance without offering you a cobra plan in Texas?

Yes, there are several different circumstances where this could happen. If the employer has discontinued the plan entirely, then there is no COBRA coverage to be offered. If the company has fewer than 20 employees, the plan does not have to offer COBRA coverage. If the company is a church, it is not required to offer COBRA. Last, if you were fired from the job for gross misconduct, the employer does not have to offer you COBRA coverage.

Is it legal for an employer to open your vehicle without consent?

No, not without your permission.

Can a auto finance company garnish your wages in a repossession?

Yes, if they obtained a judgment in the processes. No employer will release wages to a third party without a valid order of garnishment however.