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You should be able to, the only differerence is a zx2 is a dual cam engine, both are 2.0, so the basics are there the same block, which means same bolt pattern.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-15 04:31:06
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Q: Can you swap a 1998 Ford Escort SE transmission into a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2?
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Can you swap a 1995 Ford Escort transmission into a 1999 Ford Escort?

No. The 99 Escort takes a 97 to 02 transmission.

Can you swap a 1998 Ford Escort manual transmission into a 2003 Escort ZX2?

I believe that only 96-99 can be swapped 2000 and newer will not fit correctly.

Can you swap 1994 escort transmission into a 1998 escort?

No because they are different motors which means they are different transmissions.

Will 2.0 Ford Escort swap with 2.2?

They won't swap.

Can you swap a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 motor in to a 1998 Ford Escort SE?

the engines used in both of these cars are different. The zx2 engine is a dohc while the escort is a sohc. Physically the zx2 engine will fit into the escort SE. To get this install to work will require wiring, ZX2 computer, fuel system upgrades. Additionally, the escort se transmission will also bolt up to the zx2 engine but will require a little work as well. This swap has been done and information for such can be found on and

Can you swap Ford Escort fuel injectors on a 99 Ford Escort ZX2?

No they are different. The zx2 injectors wont fit an Escort head.

Would a 1995 Ford Ranger transmission work in a 1998 Ford Mustang 6 cylinder?

It is possible, but it is most likely not a bolt-for-bolt swap.

Can you swap a manual transmission with an automatic in a 1998 Saturn sc2?

Yes You Can?

Can you swap a 1996 Ford Mustang motor with a 1998 Ford Mustang motor?

Yes, you can. That is a relatively easy swap, it helps to have the ECU (computer) and transmission from the donor car as well. It is best to use motor mounts that fit the body instead of the motor however.

Can you swap out a 93 Ford Mustang 2.3L automatic transmission with a 94 Ford Ranger 2.3L 4cyl 2wd auto tranny?

Yes you can swap them. Is it a direct bolt for bolt swap? Probably not.

Can you use old parts from a 1998 Ford escort ZX2 in a 1998 mercury tracer?

This depends on which parts you are attempting to swap out. Some of the parts are matching, but others are not. It's always best to go with equipment specifically designed for each car.

Can you swap transmission out of 2.8 ford with 2.9 ford?

yes the tranny from a 2.8/2.9/4.0 have the same bolt pattern.

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