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Sure, with enough money, time, and all the parts necessary it can be done. My advice is to sell this truck and buy one that already has a V8. You will be money ahead.

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βˆ™ 2006-08-05 16:08:47
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How many quarts of oil does a 1996 Chevy Cheyenne 5.0 liter vortec hold?


What kind of engine in 1996 Chevy 1500 4x4 pickup?

5.7 liter vortec.

How much horsepower does a 1993 5.7 liter Chevrolet Cheyenne truck have?

230, it went to 255 in 1996 with the vortec

How many cc is a 4.3 liters is a vortec 4.3l in a 1998 Chevy pickup?

4300cc 1 Liter=100 cubic centimeters

Is a 5.7 liter vortec a 350?

yes it is

What is a Chevy Tahoe 4.9 vortec?

The 4.9 vortec means that it is a 4.9 liter v8 probably.

What motor does the escalade have?

V8 6.0 liter Vortec

What is horsepower of 8.1 liter Vortec?

Between 370 and 390

How much horsepower does a 2004 5.3 vortec have?

The Vortec 5.3 Liter V8 engine produces 295 horse power.

What is the best oil to put in a 6.0 liter vortec engine?

The factory saids to use 5W30 Weight ONLY. Kendell, Gastrol GTX. Is a real good brand of oil to use.

How many quarts of oil does a 2000 Chevy 4.8 liter vortec engine take?

A 2000 Chevy 4.8 liter vortec engine usually takes 6 quarts. It truly depends on the vortec engine, usually the standard is between 5-6 quarts to fill the engine.

Is the 4.3 liter vortec non-interference?

Yes! It is non-interference

How much horsepower does a GM vortec 4.8 liter engine have?

It has 275 hp.

Does a Chevy 2002 s10 4.3 liter vortec engine have a distributor?


Is a v-8 vortec engine a 350 or 305?

A V8 vortec could be either a 350 (5.7 liter) or a 305 (5.0 liter), it will say right when you open the hood, i have a 305, the truck is a 97 Chevy 1500.

What size engine is in a 1992 cheyenne 1500?

4.3 liter

What type of motor came in 1997 GMC Jimmy?

4.3 liter V6 vortec

What is the engine torque of a 1992 5.7 liter Buick roadmaster?

its a 350hp vortec engine.

What is the hosepower on a 97 vortec 5.7 liter Chevy Suburban engine?

270 hp

What is the torque setting for head bolts on the Chevy 5.7 liter vortec?

65ft. LBS.

How many quarts does a 2006 Chevy 4.8 liter vortec engine take?


How many quarts of oil does a Chevy blazer with a 4.3 liter vortec engine take?

A Chevrolet Blazer with a 4.3 liter vortec engine will take approximately 6 quarts of oil. The recommended type of oil is 5 W 30.

Where is the weep hole for a 5.7 liter vortec v8?

Bottom and top side of the water pump

What is the normal oil pressure at idle for a 6.0 liter Chevrolet vortec engine?

Around 40

Does the 2003 2500 HD have a 350 or a 400?

2003 Silverado HD pickups lineup-came with your choice of a 300-hp 6.0-liter Vortec V-8, a 340-hp 8.1-liter big-block Vortec V-8, or the 300-hp 6.6-liter Duramax diesel V-8.