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Can you switch a prepaid Verizon phone to a post-paid plan?

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Yes, as long as the prepaid phone has been on a prepaid plan for at least six months.

You could also just convert your line to a post-paid plan and get a new phone, which would allow you to switch if you have not been a prepaid customer for at least six months.

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If you buy a prepaid juke phone from walmart can you put a card in it and use it with your Verizon wireless plan how?

With Verizon Wireless, a prepaid phone needs to be on a prepaid plan for at least 6 months before it can be moved to a postpaid plan.

Can you switch a prepaid Verizon phone to a post paid plan?

I am trying to do that now. It is a pain in the butt and prepaid and postpaid don't work together. The time spent trying to do this is over four hours now. The prepaid phones are not good and that is the reason I am trying to change. Don't do the prepay.

Free Verizon prepaid minutes?

I Need minutes on my prepaid phone Verizon Phone Can I Get Them

Can a prepaid cell phone be changed to a postpaid cell phone?

This is up to your cell phone carrier. Several companys do allow you to switch from prepaid plans to regular monthly billed plans. Inquire with your cell phone company.

How do you add money to my phone?

by using prepaid and postpaid cards

verizon cheap prepaid and refillable cards and for my gusto prepaid and mobile phone?

verizon prepaid and cheap cards and for my mobile prepaid and gusto mobile phone

Can you switch a alltel prepaid phone to a Verizon prepaid phone online?

no you have to go into the store and have it flashed over to verizon's network it cost anywhere from $15.00-$30.00

Can the Verizon voyager be used as a prepaid phone?

it cant be prepaid. i called Verizon to try and make it prepaid but its to smart to be prepaid.

Can a prepaid Verizon phone be used with your Verizon plan?

yes all you have to do is switch it over!!.. duh Really? As of June 2011, you must use a prepaid non-smart phone for 6 months before it can be converted to contract use. Call Verizon at 611.

How can i turn my Verizon iPhone 4 into a prepaid at home?

You will have to have the phone unlocked to turn the Verizon iPhone 4 into a prepaid phone.

Is the HTC Rhyme Android phone Verizon cell phone a prepaid cell phone?

Generally, No. Although if you purchase the phone unlocked, you can use it with a Verizon prepaid plan.

Can you make a enV2 Verizon phone prepaid?

you can actually make most phones for Verizon prepaid except smart phones.

Prepaid vs. Postpaid Cell Phones?

Yes, if you talk 500 minutes or less, a prepaid/postpaid cell phone is very cost effective. You can top your cell phone either by purchasing a top up card, going online to your subscriber, or on your phone by credit card.

How do you switch a at and t phone to Verizon?

Buy a verizon phone

Which has the best prepaid phone coverage?

I think Verizon And I have had it

How do you switch your reachoutwireless number to another Verizon phone?

how do i switch my reachoutwireless number to a verizon phone

Where can a Verizon prepaid phone be bought?

A Verizon prepaid phone can be bought at Verizon Wireless stores and kiosks, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Staples, Grand &Toy, Walmart, Future Shop, and Wire Fly.

Where can I get a verizon wireless prepaid phone?

You can get a Verizon prepaid phone at There's a wide selection at varying prices so you can decide which one fits your budget and your lifestyle best.

Where can one find Verizon prepaid cell phone plans?

The Verizon website offers several prepaid cell phone plans. Verizon offers plans that allow customers to choose the plan that fits their budget and needs.

Do They Have Pay As You Go Env2s?

you can. but you have to have a prepaid Verizon phone first.

How do you turn my Verizon phone to prepaid?

why ju asking mua

Can you use a prepaid sim card in a nonprepaid ATT phone?

Yes, you can use a prepaid phone on a postpaid (or plan) phone, however, you will not be able to use all the services on your plan since you're using a non-plan or a prepaid SIM card.

Do you get a free phone with a Verizon prepaid cellphone plan?

No, I don't think you get a free phone with any verizon prepaid plans. You'd still have to pay for the phone although I doubt it would cost much to buy.

How do you switch a plan phone to prepaid?

Unfortunately, prepaid phones are only programed for prepaid service. For more details, please contact the phone company you wish you switch to.

Can you switch an old verizon contract phone to make it prepaid?

The phone would have to be of their pre paid collection of phones, and I would think they would not budge from the already made contract.