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Can you take laughing gas while pregnant?

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It depends what it is for. If it is for a medical or dental reason under a qualified anesthetist (anesthesiologist) then that is fine, it won't affect you or the baby at all, it is used in labor with oxygen to reduce pain. If however it is just for 'fun' then it is not a good idea.

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What happens if you take laughing gas?

you start laughing unconttrollably and hallucinations may occur

You just found you are pregnant and you went to the dentisti and they gave you the laugh gas?

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) isn't hazardous to pregnant women or the fetus.

How long does laughing gas take to wear off?

Laughing gas(Nitrous Oxide), wears off almost immediately after it is stopped.

Where can you get laughing gas?

Laughing gas can be used by many dentists, but one cannot personally purchase laughing gas.

What is the color of a laughing gas?

BLUE is the color of the laughing gas

Is helium in laughing gas?

No. Laughing gas is Nitrous Oxide

Can you take gas x while pregnant?

Yes. You can take it in pregnancy. But as such to be avoided in first trimester of pregnancy as far as possible.

Chemical formula of laughing gas?

Laughing gas is nitrous oxide, NO.

What gas is called laughing gas?

We often call nitrous oxide (N2O) laughing gas.

Is lauphing gas made of helium?

No, laughing gas is not Helium. Laughing gas is Nitrous Oxide.

Is nitrate oxide the laughing gas?

No, laughing gas is Nitrous oxide(N2O)

Does laughing gas help when you get a tooth pulled out?

Yes, laughing gas is an anasthetic.

Is there a scientific name for laughing gas?

The scientific name for "laughing gas" is " Nitrous oxide."

Is laughing gas an element?

Laughing gas is actually Nitrous Oxide (NO), a compound, not element

What elements are in laughing gas?

Laughing gas is actually Nitrous Oxide (NO), A compound, not an element.

Can you die from laughing gas?

YES you can die from laughing gas it can be fun to use but you can die from it :(

Is laughing gas a compound?

Yes, the compound Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is Laughing gas.

Chemical name of laughing gas?

chemical name of laughing gas is N2O[nitrous oxide]

What is the real term for laughing gas?

It is called nitrous oxide which is normally called "laughing gas"

What element makes up laughing gas?

Laughing Gas is N2O, so nitrogen and oxygen

What is the chemical name and formula of laughing gas?

laughing gas is Nitrous Oxide. Fomula N2O.

Why was nitrogen known as laughing gas?

Not nitrogen but nitrous oxide (NO) is named "laughing gas"; this gas has an anesthetic and euphoric effect.

Is it true if you smell laughing gas you will start laughing?


What can pregnant women take for gas?


What gas is made when you laugh?

Laughing gas!

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