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Hey Jeet==You can if they aren't too bent. If they are pretty bad they may need to be replaced.If they are bent from a wreck there are other things that are bent. GoodluckJoe

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βˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:25:21
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Q: Can you take the brackets that hold the frame of a '94 Lexus ES300 off and repair them?
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What would cause heavy clunking sounds from under rear of car when moving?

Just had that problem on the rear of a Lexus ES300 and it turned out that both rear sway bar frame bushings were worn out. After replacement the car sounds quiet.

Can a bent frame on a 2007 Chevy truck be repaired?

A auto body repair shop with a frame machine can repair the frame.

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It would be cheaper to replace the frame unless the current frame is an antique.

Will a Yamaha banshee engine fit into a warrior frame?

yes it will but you need to change the front brackets up

Will a 1979 Ford truck frame fit mt 1967 Ford truck?

yes and no. the cab is the same other than the front cab mounts. the front frame mounts for the cab would have to be removed from the original frame and put onto the 79 frame. however the rest of the frame will be allmost exactly the same other than power steering ect. other than that you would just have to re drill the 79 frame for misc brackets and what not to accept the original 67 brackets ect.

How do you repair the rear window frame the bottom is rusted out?

The best would be to replace the whole frame with an aluminium frame, may be expensive but the frame will most probably outlive the building!!!!

What Rust problems with 98 dodge van 34 ton frame?

Watch out for the front frame just behind the bumper. Plus the bumper and front sheet metal to frame mounting brackets. The boxed in front frame section tends to rust out bad.

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There is a company online called "Frame My TV" that offers custom Television wall mounting brackets and frames to hide the wiring. They appear to have an option to design your bracket and frame online, and then view the finished design before placing an order.

What is the repair cost of bent car frame?

The cost of a bent frame really depends on the amount it is bent and the location. The price range varies.

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