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Hey Jeet==You can if they aren't too bent. If they are pretty bad they may need to be replaced.If they are bent from a wreck there are other things that are bent. GoodluckJoe

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What would cause heavy clunking sounds from under rear of car when moving?

Just had that problem on the rear of a Lexus ES300 and it turned out that both rear sway bar frame bushings were worn out. After replacement the car sounds quiet.

Can a bent frame on a 2007 Chevy truck be repaired?

A auto body repair shop with a frame machine can repair the frame.

What shelf brackets are the best?

The best kind of shelf brackets are L frame brackets. This is because the load is equally spread over a good sear of the wall. You can pick these up at virtually any DIY store.

Will a Yamaha banshee engine fit into a warrior frame?

yes it will but you need to change the front brackets up

Will a 1979 Ford truck frame fit mt 1967 Ford truck?

yes and no. the cab is the same other than the front cab mounts. the front frame mounts for the cab would have to be removed from the original frame and put onto the 79 frame. however the rest of the frame will be allmost exactly the same other than power steering ect. other than that you would just have to re drill the 79 frame for misc brackets and what not to accept the original 67 brackets ect.

How do you repair the rear window frame the bottom is rusted out?

The best would be to replace the whole frame with an aluminium frame, may be expensive but the frame will most probably outlive the building!!!!

What Rust problems with 98 dodge van 34 ton frame?

Watch out for the front frame just behind the bumper. Plus the bumper and front sheet metal to frame mounting brackets. The boxed in front frame section tends to rust out bad.

The frame my great-grandmother's picture is in is damaged - do I repair it or replace it?

It would be cheaper to replace the frame unless the current frame is an antique.

Where can a person find custom television wall brackets online?

There is a company online called "Frame My TV" that offers custom Television wall mounting brackets and frames to hide the wiring. They appear to have an option to design your bracket and frame online, and then view the finished design before placing an order.

What is the repair cost of bent car frame?

The cost of a bent frame really depends on the amount it is bent and the location. The price range varies.

drapery repair?

form_title=drapery repair form_header=8143 Please specify any repair your drapes are in need of.*= [] Rod or frame pulling out of wall [] Broken rod or frame [] Damaged shutter slat [] Damaged blind slat [] Damaged pulley system [] Damaged fashion fabric [] Damaged lining fabric

Would gt parts fit a fit bike frame?

Some, but not necessarily all. Bottom brackets and headsets for instance are available in several versions.

What frame will fit under a 62 Ford Falcon?

Frame is part of the body on old Falcons and is held together by welded cross members. You have to repair it with patch panels.

How do you repair extensive rusting of the frame in the water return area due to leaking seal which has been replaced?

Not a good question but replace the "frame with a stainless steel frame as a beginning and replace thegalvanesed pipe with copper or plastic.

Difference between steel framed bikes and aluminum framed bikes?

Depends as much on the design as the materials. In general a steel frame is springier while an aluminium frame is stiffer. A steel frame may be slightly easier to repair and an aluminium frame slightly lighter

Is the frame and front axle the same for a 1996 and 1994 jeep grand Cherokee limited so that i can use a junk 94 to repair my 96?

These vehicles are constructed with a unibody frame and as such have no frame. And yes the front axle can be interchanged. If your 96 has damage extensive enough to warrant a total front end replacement and the frame itself is bent then I would suggest that its probably totalled beyond repair and that you have two junk vehicles there.

What does an in frame suggest?

"in frame" usually refers to a repair or rebuild that is done without removing that main part. for example if someone said i am doing an in frame on a mack truck, it would mean they are rebuilding the engine without removing it from the truck.

Can i sew someone that has been taking a slow time on vehicle repair?

not unless they put in writing that it would be done in a specific time frame and it was not done within that time frame

Where are the bolts holding the bed of a Chevy Silverado?

There are 3 on each side. 2 in front of axle are visible in brackets off frame rail. Last one is between axle and rear bumper in frame (look up through hole to find it).

How do you remove a 1970 Chevelle's front bumper?

Two ways. Either remove the bolts holding the bumper to the brackets, or remove the bolts holding the brackets to the frame and remove them with the bumper. Make sure you unplug the turn signal lights as well. It's pretty simple and straight forward.

What is the best way to keep a picture frame from weathering?

To keep a frame from weathering, you'll want to get one that's UVA/UVB coated. Once it's faded it will be impossible to repair.

How do you install 2003 GMC front bumper on a 2000 GMC Sierra?

First you are going to need the following before you attempt to try the job. I just did this on my 01 sierra it isn't that bad. You are going to need the 03 bumper, 03 bumper cover, 03 bumper brackets they are all completely different, and the 03 grille( the 01 grille will fit but will look very goofy). you are going to leave the factory brackets on the frame. Then put the main center brackets on the bumper its self and line up the brackets with the frame and mark spots where you are going to drill holes. Then hook bumper cover to bumper and hook it all up. What i did was go to a car lot that had a 03-06 sierra and took pictures of how the brackets were faced and what length bolts you are going to need to buy. Have fun!!!

What are the FRAME dimensions of a Jeep CJ-7?

In the back of a chiltons repair manual for cj's there are diagrams & measurements.

What company can repair cars quickly?

A good all around car repair and maintenance service would be Midas. They are able to repair everything from a tiny scratch to the most damaged of cars. They will work with you to get your car up and running in your time frame.

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