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The Lexus ES series is a line of middle-sized luxury sedans manufactured by Lexus from 1989 to present. The series is patterned on the Toyota Camry platform and features an automatic transmission, V6 engine and front-wheel drive.

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What car company makes Lexus?

Toyota Motor Company

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How do you eject navigation DVD in Lexus IS250?

You should open the front panel (clock inside). First insert two mini screwdriver-like pin (can be found in accessory toolkit box) into the small holes on left and right. After you pushed fully, you can pop out the panel. The navigation DVD hole can be found behind this popped-out panel. Select "Eject navigation DVD" from the touch screen menu and change the disk.

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How do you replace battery for Lexus es300?

disconnect the wires that connect to the battery marked either in black and red or a - and +, then if there any clamps where the battery is sitting unscrew those as well. Then reverse order to put new battery in

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How do you install a new timing belt and adjust the timing on a '92 Lexus ES 300?

buy a do and he will make a Lexus TRUE stOrY

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How do you reset Lexus IS 250 oil change light?

For a second generation IS250: Hold down the the odometer reset button and press the start engine (without your foot on the brake to prevent from starting) to switch to the acc. mode, continue holding the reset button for about 5 sec until the visual countdown ended et voila, your system has been reset.

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Who makes Lexus?

Lexus is a division of Toyota

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How do you replace the high stop light bulb on a '98 Lexus ES 300?

The cover slides straight forward. Firmly pull, wiggling side to side, sliding toward the front of the car to release the latch. Gently lift straight up (the wires will remain connected to the lamp socket. Twist out bulb socket (counter clockwise) remembering the orientation for its return trip (it's a confusing socket). Or you can detach the wires from the socket to lift the entire cover away for easy access. Save yourself a half hour of service @ $95/hour.

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Is the thermostat in the bottom hose of a 91 Lexus es250 and how do you change the water pump?

No it is on top of motor.

The above is incorrect , I believe. It appears to be on the side of the engine attached to the water pump. But it is not on the top, as above stated( i just looked, and ruined a perectly good upper hose gasket.)

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How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Lexus ES300?

ok to make it very easy on u if u don't understand the first fue saentances yopu should go out and buy a Toyota camary repair book but to start the procedure u will fiststart taking out your anti freez over flow and oyur wind shield wiper jug then u are going to take off your altinater and altinater mount then u are going to take your belts then u are going ot take off the timing belt and cover oce u have oll of that off u will see a metal tub remove that and therre will be a thermistat under that and

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How do you reset Lexus ES350 oil change light?

Just did it on my 2007. First make sure the trip odometer is set to Trip A. While holding in the odometer reset button, push to engine start button twice (but not with your foot on the brake pedal). After continuing to hold the trip OD button for about 4-5 seconds you'll see the Oil Maintenance Req'd message disappear. Sounds simple.

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How do you replace 97 Lexus ES300 transmission?

how to replace 97 Lexus ES300 transmission

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Is the transmission on a es300 the same as a gs300?

No. They couldn't be more different. The ES 300 is a front drive, transversely mounted V6 engine, the GS 300 is a rear drive inline 6.

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How do you fix the speedometer lights in a 1993 Lexus ES300?

Hi, I had the same problem with my es300. I found a company in Michigan that is able to replace the needles and get them to light up again. They had it back in a few days.They are called Dash Electronics & Speedometer the number is (248) 835 1332 found them on the web at: good luck!!

I called and they said that it costs around $350 to fix the needles. They basically add on an LED light to the needles, they don't replace the needles.

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How do you troubleshoot power window problems on a '94 Lexus ES300?

Hello. Being the owner of a '94 lexus, i am well aware of the car's propensity for power window problems. In fact, i realized how very common of a problem this was once my front passenger window stopped working. Well, after removing my door panel and inspecting the components i was quite surprised to discover that the inner workings of my door were what appeared to be one complete unit. This indeed was confirmed upon my calling a local toyota dealer. The entire unit needed to be replaced for a proper repair and it would run somewhere in the neighborhood of $235 for a "window regulator motor assembly." however, if you would rather be hot than cough up that exorbitant amount, such as was my feeling, there is another option. Open the phone book or search on the internet for a salvage or auto scrap yard in your area and simply call them. There are an unbelievable amount of cars out there which have been involved in accidents and damaged, yet have excellent, practically brand-new window regulators on them! A great resource requiring a simple phone call.

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How do you turn inside brake warning light off or reset it on a Lexus ES300?

you are either low on brake fluid, the Ebrake switch is on or you have air in your brake lines. try lifting the ebrake and see if the light gets brighter. If it does, try unpluging the wire that goes to the brake master cylinder. If this don't work then i recomend taking it to a shop to have it looked at! Good Luck... Michael

on my 97 es300 the brake light was staying on because ebrake inside of back rotor was worn all the way down and system was sensing this.

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Why would a 1995 Lexus ES300 red brake light indicator on dash go on and off randomly?

On some cars low brake fluid can cause it to come on. GoodluckJoe

If your brakes are very worn, it will take much more fluid to depress the calipers. This will significantly lower the amount of brake fluid in the reservoir which will trigger the brake light to illuminate. This happened to me and when I put on new calipers the light didn't come on again.

I had the same problem on my 1993 ES. All the rear light bulbs worked, but one was dim and the resistance was higher than the others. I replaced that bulb and that took care of the problem. No more dash light warning.

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What causes shaking when driving?

Ive recently discovered very bad shaking (wobbling) in both front tires of my 87 chvey 4x4 when at 30-40 mph speeds ...I had a driver get in front of me to see what was shaking and turns out both front wheels wobbled back and forth like the driver was sharply turning the wheel........Now i no why......after welding the frame, changing the steering box, and replacing the tie-rod ends, i have discovered that its the lower ball joint.........i have also discovered if you cannot figure out what is causing shaking in your vehicle go to GOOGLE AND TYPE IN "DEATH WOBBLE" that is what many 4x4's have any vehicle and have it and it will shake you very bad at certain speeds and will run you off the check that to see if you vehilce has any symptoms ...good luck

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Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1996 Lexus Es300?

There are 3.

Bank 1 sensor 1 is between the radiator and engine when you open the hood. It looks like a spark plug screwed into the header coming out of the engine, going down, and feeding into the exhaust.

Bank 2 sensor 1 is between the firewall and the engine (back side of engine). It also looks like a spark plug screwed into the header coming out of the engine, going down, and feeding into the exhaust. Hard to see unless you get under the car.

The 3rd sensor is on the top side of the exhaust pipe just after the catalytic converter. The connection for this one is underneath the carpet under the driver seat.

EDIT: I have a 1996 Lexus ES300. Unless is more than one engine, then bank 1 is the BACK of the engine, between the engine and the firewall. I checked with two Lexus service centers and also looked at the spark plug wires. The number one cylinder is on the back, not the front of the engine.

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How can you fix the lights in the instrument panel of a 1994 Lexus ES300?

try going to a junk yard that can sell u a replacement speedometer cluster for about 50 bucks or so... have them test it for you.... if its good then you can ix your old one at your spare time.... with replacement bulbs, etc that you can get on ebay.... remember to disconnect your car battery when removing anything and dont try to turn the car on with out the speedometer on.......... good luck...

try banging on the dash above the instrument panel. It worked on mine.

Continued...if the banging on the dash works, that means the filaments in the bulb are broken. they may regain contact for a while after you shake it (banging on the dash) but eventually you'll have to replace the bulbs. fortunately they're not the expensive kind, just the typical push-in bulb #194. takes about an hour to remove the cluster and then you can see the bulbs on the back (in little black or green holders) remove the holders, swap the bulbs, then reinstall.
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Where is the tensioner pulley on a 1994 Lexus ES 300 and how do the belts come off?

The belt tensioner is right in front of your alternator. You will see a big long screw going down in front of the alternator and to the left and underneath the screw you will see a bolt. Loosen the bolt and then loosen the screw and the belt should come off when you loosen it enough. Just did it not long ago on mine, very simple process.

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How can you fix a broken Lexus remote key ring?

Try replacing the battery first. If the transponder still doesn't work, start searching the 'Net for a replacement key.

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Do you need to replace timing belt in 1997 Lexus ES 300 with 35000 miles?

No! Replace at 80,000 miles or 10 years, whichever comes first.

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How do you remove front lamp assembly on a Lexus ES300-98 to replace turn signal bulb?

I have a Lexus 300 and, surprisingly, I have found the parts department of the dealer to be very helpful when I wanted to make minor repairs. I just called and they told me how. It's certainly worth a try. Good luck.

Removing front lamp assembly and correcting a fast flashing blinker. (This is the procedure for a '96 ES300. I would assume that other models are basically the same.)

1. Open the hood and remove the plastic clips that hold the front plastic splash guard in place. This is done by pushing on the center of the plastic buttons to depress them slightly. The button (clip) can then be removed. For the buttons (clips) with the Philips head center, lift the Philips head center until you hear a click and then remove the whole clip.

2. Remove the plastic splash guard.

3. Remove the three 10mm bolts that hold the lens assembly to the fender.

4. On the fender side of the lamp assembly there is a plastic clip that is inserted in a small flange which is part of the fender. Use a flat screwdriver to put pressure on the back of the post that protrudes thru this clip. This post, that is part of the lamp assembly, helps to hold the assemble in the correct position. Once that post is free of the clip the lens assembly can easily be removed.

5. Un-clip the wires to the main headlights and the the parking/turn signal lamp and remove the lens assembly from the vehicle.

6. In the case of a fast blinking turn signal, remove the turn signal bulb, test to be sure it is good, and clean the contacts of the blub, bulb holder, and the printed circuit strip on the lamp assembly.

7, Reassemble everything and test.

8. Replace the lamp assemble in the fender and secure the splash guard with the clips.

9. This should be about a 1/2 hour job.

I am a car repair newbie and I was able to do this repair following the above instructions in about 2-3 hours. It probably saved me $100 in labor and a pair of turn signal bulbs were under $6 with tax, so you should definitely do this one yourself and not get lazy and take it to a shop. Here are some extra tips:

1. There are 2 bolts, 10 mm and 12 mm, by the windshield washer fluid reservoir that are pretty difficult to get at. Don't waste your time with them because they won't help you get the lamp assembly off.

2. The splash guard is the long thin plastic thing that goes across the entire front end of the vehicle (not just the side you want to get at). It has about 15 clips going across it and you should remove it entirely to avoid bending it or it getting in your way.

3. The only tool you really need to do this job is a ratchet with a 10mm hex end. You need something long and thin to push on the end of the clip described in step 4, which is right by the turn signal bulb, by the way. You might also need a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the clips on the splash guard. Other than these tools, if you find yourself reaching for other tools you are probably removing something you don't have to.

4. The lamp assembly has 3 wiring harnesses going to it, one for each bulb in the lamp assembly.

5. You don't need to disassemble the lamp assembly at all. Don't remove the clips and Phillips head screws. All you need to do is grab a grey plastic holder and twist to get the turn signal bulb out. It is probably similar to get at the headlights to replace them, although I didn't actually try that. The headlights have a few small Phillips head screws around them.

6. Unless you are a pro at a shop you probably don't have any way of testing the bulb outside of the lamp assembly. Just replace it even if the bulb looks fine (mine didn't show any visible signs of being burned out, but it was fast blinking anyway), they are only $6 a pair, and it would take you more than that worth of your free time to remove the lamp assembly again if the bulb started fast blinking again.

7. The turn signal bulb is an amber color and the part number is 1157NA, in case you are trying to find if your parts store has the right one.

8. My experience was also on a 1996 Lexus ES300. The original question asked about a 98, and they redesigned this car in 97, so these instructions might vary for newer models.

FOR 99' ES300 MODELS: You do not have to do the things mentioned above. The process is much easier and simpler. No need to even open the hood. All you have to do is pull the whole turn signal assembly forward. NOTE: It is important that you do NOT pull it sideways or even at an angle for it might break the plastic clip. There is only one clip holding the assembly from the frame. To start, use a screw driver or similar and insert it in the farthest part of the signal light assembly from the front. Pry gently to move the assembly forward about an inch or two to completely unlatch the plastic clip that is holding it in place. This clip is located in the middle of the assembly. Then remove the assembly still attached by the wires. Twist the lamp holder out of it's socket to replace the busted light.

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Lexus es300 Horn?

Yes, it has a horn. Please be more specific.

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How do you replace the EGR valve in a 1996 Lexus ES300 to resolve 'insufficient flow' and 'check engine' message?

P0401 "egr insufficient flow" can indicate many things, including:

1-vacuum line plugged or leaking 2-pipe from exhaust to egr valve plugged 3-pipe to vacuum modulator valve from egr valve plugged 4-passages at egr are plugged 5-bad egr valve 6-bad EGR VACUUM MODULATOR VALVE

I tried cleaning egr modulator valve, (beside/above egr)removed and tested egr vacuum & movement, inspected and cleaned all vacuum lines openings and pipes. All above did not work. I replaced the egr vacuum modulator valve. Light went out without a reset in about 30 miles of driving. Not sure if this valve can be cleaned. Retails for $69.US


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