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Can you talk to Justin Bieber on WikiAnswers?


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2011-07-31 23:07:12
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No, he is too busy to use WikiAnswers.


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what? sorry, but that dosen't make since. Does Justin Bieber still talk to Justin Bieber? i don't get it :(

Justin Bieber can NOT talk British. But he can speak English!

NoFans and people interested in Justin Bieber are usually the ones that answer questions about him on WikiAnswers.

A public fan Wkianswers account is not known for Justin Bieber at this time. WikiAnswers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike.

As with most popular Internet websites, there will always be celebrity imposters. It is unlikely that Justin Bieber or any other celebrity has the time to contribute to WikiAnswers.

yes at text/justinbiebr.com and that's who you can talk to Justin bieber

he's too busy too some on the wikianswers he goes on twitter

Talk about Tom Cruise. (Or Justin Bieber)

No he love to talk with his fans. And he has a "like" page on Facebook named Justin Bieber.

no there is not a tween magazine that doesnt talk about Justin bieber if there isn't one they still have posters inside

Wikianswers cannot predict the future so that is unknown.

WikiAnswers is not a quiz site. We are a question and answer website.

WikiAnswers does not reveal personal information.

I don't know but if you have any way to talk to Justin Bieber then ask Justin and it seems like Justin Bieber does because of all the girlfriends he had and what all and I mean all of his are about. =]

u have 2 talk to justin biebers manager

WikiAnswers is not a quiz site. We are a question and answer website.

WikiAnswers does not provide personal details for anyone, celebrity or not.

Because he happens to be popular at the moment.

We don't know. He does not confide in WikiAnswers.

All questions containing inappropriate subjects about Justin Bieber will be considered vandalism and deleted/merged into a Catch-All Question. However questions regarding Justin Bieber that follow the Community Guidelines are fine. We even have a whole category housing Justin Bieber questions!

justin can you come to lawrence for a concert and where do you live

no Justin Bieber is from Canada but can talk fluent French and also has a great Engish accent! watch Connor Heanue on youtube

Justin Bieber weighs 110 he said it on some talk show I dont remember which so yeahh

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