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You might, but I think it would better (and maybe a little easier) to find out in person. She could be flirting for fun. I'm a girl and I've noticed that some other girls seem to do that.

2008-11-21 17:21:23
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Q: Can you tell if a girl likes you just through communicating via email and a webcam?
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Should you ask a guy if he likes your friend in person or through email?

Through person. It can be awkward, but it is way too unpersonal through e-mail.

What if the guy already told you through email he likes you how do you show you like him too?

When this happened to me I just said "I do too."

What does it mean if a guy is interested in you?

He likes you and he wants to get to know you better.Whether through face to face contact, by phone, email........etc.

What does it mean if you walk with a girl you like and she bumps into you?

Either it was accidental (not likely) or she was communicating that she likes you too...

What to do when a friend gives an email to the guy you like telling him she likes him?

just let it go maybe he likes you to

Who likes Darvocet email darvomanatyahoodotcom?

no e-mail with that iconage

How do you know a girls likes you through texting?

She tells you that she likes you.

What is tyger drew honeys email?

He has an email he just won't say it in public, no celebrity likes the annoying voices of fans that email them over and over again.

What does it mean when a girl constantly wants a guy to go on webcam with her?

She really likes him, she wants to talk to him from home.She wants want to find out what he is like at home.

How can you know that jessy mccarteny likes you?

you ask him or you email him or just think he does and maybe he will

How to tell over email if a guy likes you?

If he mentions that he's rubbing his dick.

Who likes Robert Patton?

silenaid fernadez she has a myspace this is her email

What does it mean if a guy send an email to you asking God to bless you?

he likes u

Can you tell by an email closing if a girl likes you?

That would depend on how she acts around you when you are in person.

How do you tell if a guy likes you though an email?

You can tell if he trully likes you if he writes things like: "I would tell you something but my parents are right behind me.

Signs that mean a girl likes you?

When a girl likes you she'll flirt with you. For example she's constantly looking for you or email/txt/calling you. She will give you hints like talking about boys and what she likes in them. She joke around with you.

What does it mean if a girl gives you her email address?

That she likes what you have been telling her and she wants to hear more.

What if you ask a girl her email but she only gives you halve of it?

She likes you, but she wants you to earn the other half.

Does Jacob likes Alice?

He likes her better than the other vampires. But he is not in love with her, all through Twilight-Early breaking dawn he likes Bella. Then he Imprints on Bella&Edwards daughter Renesmee. But he does not fancy Alice... He likes her as a friend, because she understands what he is going through.

Why wont your crush who is moving in a month ask you out if he likes you?

Well maybe, when he is right about to leave ask him if he likes you. if he dose say you like him back then ask for his number or email.

How do you get a guy to like are even look at you?

First of all you need to see what he likes and if you email me at than i can send you an email on how to flirt with someone. If you have anything in common than ask him if you guys can go it together. If you don't have anything in common either find out what he likes ( but you have no chance if there is nothing in common!) Well good luck and remember you can email me!

Dose Nick Jonas get mad if people email him on his personal email address?

no people always likes fans plz give me trust point people woot

How do you contact Suzanne Collin's publisher?

I don't know about her publisher's email, but hers is She likes to make a point of answering each and every email, if she has time.

What does it mean when a guy tells you he kind of likes you?

It means he likes you. He just through in the 'kind of' because he probably felt weird about just saying he likes you.

How do you know if a guy likes you online and through a text message?

If he is answering, he's got some interest. If he is actually engaging in conversation, either online or through texting, he likes you. And if he is trying to make plans with you, watch out, because he likes you a lot.