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It is possible but not always accurate.

No, the strength of the heartbeat depends which way the baby is laying in the uterus.

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What does it mean if baby's heartbeat is 170 at 12 weeks?

you're having a girl

What if fetus heartbeat is 183 is it a boy or girl?

A girl

Your baby has a heartbeat of 182 is it a boy or a girl?


Baby's heartbeat 177 boy or girl?


What is sex of baby by heartbeat?


If the heartbeat of fetus is very fast then it is boy or girl?


You are 17 weeks and your babies heart beat is 160 beats a minute what does this mean?

means you are most likely having a girl. usually the higher the heartbeat its a girl 150-170=girl 130-150= boy

Is Jeff hardy having a girl or boy?

Jeff is having a girl i think.cause in one of his youtube videos they were talking about the baby and said it was a little girl. Sorry but You are wrong Jeff and Beth have not said what their having what Jeff did say is that they were not giving out when the baby is due or whether it is a boy or girl.

What is that old wives tale about the baby's heartbeat?

If the heartbeat is under 140, its a boy. If it over 140, its a girl!

Your unborn baby heartbeat is 153 what is the sex?


How do you know whether you are having a girl or a boy?

If the stomach is pointed more than you most likely have a boy and if you stomach is more round then its a girl.

When your pregnant does a boy or girl have a faster heatbeat?

A baby girl usally has a faster heartbeat.

Does a fetal heartbeat of 160 bpm at 30 weeks mean you are having a girl?

No, it means your baby's heartrate is within normal limits. You're having a girl if your baby has two X chromosomes... And the only way to tell is to look between her legs.. Everything else is susperstition.

You are 11 weeks and your babys heartbeat is 169 is that normal can you tell if it is a boy or a girl?

That heartbeat is at the upper edge of the normal range.

What is wrong with a girl having a strong muscular body?

There is nothing wrong with this at all if you come by it honestly and without chemicals.

What is the plot and setting in a heartbeat?

The book In a Heartbeat is about a figure skatting girl who at a compitition dies and her heart is donated to someone who really needs it.

German term for a strong girl?

strong girl = starkes Mädchen

Does a heartbeat at 172 beats per minute at 11 weeks mean it is a girl?

No. It could be a boy or a girl.

Who is the girl who went on the heartbeat tour with Jessie J?

Cherri V

What is the best way to approach a girl without coming on to strong or having her reject you?

just come on easy and act natural

What if babies heartbeat is higher the 140?

its a girl, but that's the old wives tale

Does a fast heartbeat mean the baby is a girl?

No. You got to go the doctors to find out.

How do you determine sex of baby by heartbeat?

No I had a boy, but the heart rate said girl.

Does heartbeat of baby tell if baby is boy or girl in humans in first trimester?

for me no

Is snooki having a boy or girl?

She's having a girl.