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Can you terminate your cell phone contract without paying a fee?

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That will depend on your contract. The penalties and early termination fees will be specified in the agreement. Usually you can get a copy online from your carrier.

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Can I get a free, Cellular South phone without having to sign a contract?

It appears you can get a free phone with no contract. You need to get a prepaid phone though so you will pay for the phone by paying the minutes in advance.

What is meant by no contract cell phone plans?

I believe that a no contract cell phone plans are plans without pieces of papers to tell you what the instructions are for you when paying the phones. You wing it.

Can you upgrade a mobile even though you are not on contract?

It's not a necessary "upgrade" without the contract. You would end up paying full price for the phone or starting a contract and getting the low price for the phone

Difference Between Contract and Prepaid Verizon Cell Phones?

A contract phone is a phone that you pay a monthly rate for, and have to keep paying for. They're usually cheaper, but with a prepaid phone, you can stop your service at any time without breaking the contract.

Can your job terminate you over the phone?

Yes, unless you have a contract that specifically says otherwise.

Can prepaid cell phone sim cards be used in contract cell phones without paying the contract cell phone bill?

Simple Answer...No I switch my sim card al the time when my brother-in-law gets a new phone, he has a contract w/ nextel and I have a pre-paid boost mobile, so yes you can

How do you terminate cell phone contracts?

I have a contract with Sprint and I would like to terminate without the ETF. the reason being is that their service is the worst. dropped calls no service bad internet signal you name it i am very unhappy with it. I have called to complain to them and the want me to pay the fee. what do i do?

What Is A No Contract Cell Phone?

"No Contract" means you pay for the phone up front. You pay for the service every month in advance. If you stop paying, the phone will stop working. You can stop paying anytime you want and you don't owe anything. There is no early termination fee.

Low Cost Cell Phone Plans?

Lost cost cell phone plans offer you the chance to own a cell phone without having to pay a fortune to do so. Among your options for a plan without a contract are TracFone and Cricket Wireless. Both offer plans that are less than 50 dollars and give you all the features you need on a cell phone. Not having a contract can make your plan cheaper and easier to terminate.

How do you put minutes on a phone without contract?

get a "pay as you go" phone

How do i keep my metropcs phone on without paying the bill?

You can keep the Metropcs on a Phone without paying the bill by not activating it through the system. This way it will remain unregistered, but will still be operational on the phone itself.

What does phone without contract mean?

It simply means the phone does not have a contract therefor cannot make texts or calls. You can still turn it on but there is no use for the phone

Are you legally bound to a mobile phone without a contract?


Can you activate a cell phone without a contract?


Is it possible to get a smartphone if I want to be on a no contract cell phone service plan?

No, it is not possible to have a smartphone without a contract. Without a plan, the phone will not function. yes its called no commitment

Does this phone require a contract?

This phone will be cheaper with the purchase of a contract, but can be purchased without a contract through third party websites such as ebay. No data plan is required.

Is there any way how to get out of Vodafone phone contract?

You can usually 'buy yourself out' of any mobile phone contract - by paying for the unused months. For example - say you're paying 20.00 a month on a 2 year contract - and you want out at month 16. That leaves 8 months unused - which would be 160.00 to pay.

Can you cacel a two 2 year contract on a phone?

No. You cannot cancel a contract when you have signed up for it. You have to keep paying every month until your contract finishes. Then you can either upgrade if you can (it depends on which carrier you are on.) or you can buy a new phone.

How can you get Facebook credits without paying?

just use your phone whit out paying your own money

Can we track the location of any mobile phone in India without paying?

by paying bribe...i suppose

What is a mobile phone plan?

There are two main types of pay monthly mobile phone contracts: 1) with a contract, and 2) without contract.With a ContractIf you opt to get a fixed term pay monthly mobile phone with contract, for 12 to 36 months your mobile phone is connected to an exclusive network. The phone itself is included in the contract, and you can use a pre-determined number of free calls, data, and text messages per month.Without a ContractWith a pay monthly mobile phone without a contract, you have your own mobile phone and what the provider does is simply to connect you to their network on a monthly basis. There's no contract, and so you can change providers anytime you want.

How do you add minutes to alltel phone without paying?

You can't.

How do you get free internet on a verizon phone without paying?


What is the best Sprint phone that can be purchased without a contract?

The Samsung Galaxy is a Sprint phone that can be purchased without a contract. This phone is very popular right now, and it one of the main competitors to the iPhone, sold by Mac.

Where can I get a iPhone 4 without the contract?

Many companies offer cell phone service without a contract that also offer and IPhone 4. Cricket, AT&T, T-Mobile, and even sites such as Best Buy and Amazon can offer these phone without a contract.