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Can you text on a prepaid cell phone?


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yes. on Verizon it is 10 cents to receive and send a message


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I have never purchased a prepaid cellphone, but with this economy, I have considered it! I am pretty sure you can text with one, my brother bought one, now my mom uses with her regular cell phone provider (and she does text).

Is the LG vx8300 a prepaid cell phone? Is the LG vx8300 a prepaid cell phone?

It depends if the cell phone is a prepaid phone with the same carrier as the card provider. If the answer is no, then my answer is no.

With AT&T GoPhone choose from a variety of prepaid cell phones or prepaid smartphones & a prepaid cell phone and you can get them at your local cell phone retailer.

Virgin Mobile The best prepaid cell phone out there (meaning the cheapest) to choose from with unlimited text and talk and no contracts seems to be Cricket. The next best deal seems to be Metro PCS.

Those who find their cell phone service bills are high due to their tendency to go over their limit on plan minutes or text messages could benefit from switching over to prepaid cell phone service. Prepaid cell phone service allows users to budget their cell phone expenses and pay for them in advance. With prepaid cell phone services, users can hold themselves to the limits they set with their prepaid amount and not suffer from unexpected overage expenses at the end of payment periods. Because their payments are made in advance, prepaid cell phone service users also avoid earning additional fees for late payments.

You can buy a prepaid cell phone that is flip style. Consider checking out T-Mobile Prepaid Samsung T139 Flip Phone or the Motorola W260 Prepaid Phone from Tracfone.

The cell phone is a possession that was once a luxury, but is now almost a necessity. However, these convenient electronics aren't exactly cheap to own which is why consumers need alternatives to the pricy norm. Consumers can get an alternative by using the prepaid cell phone! A prepaid cell phone is beneficial to those who pay too much for regular cell phone bills because they are designed for those who don't talk or text much. Also, you do not have to commit to a contract when using a prepaid cell phone which is probably music to some people's ears. The prepaid cell phone is a smart route for anyone looking to save money on their cell phone bill.

Most of the time, one doesn't need to do anything to qualify for a free prepaid cell phone. One can get a prepaid cell phone by talking to a local cell phone service provider such as Rogers.

A prepaid cell phone is one where the service is paid for in advance. When you run out of minutes and/or text messages, the phone simply stops working. Often, you can recharge them. They are useful if you want to give them to children and not have to worry about them running up a large bill.

form_title= Prepaid Phones form_header= Pay for only what you use. WHat type of cell phone do you need?*= _ [50] What will you use the cell phone for most?*= () Texting () Data () Calling Do you want a data package?*= () Yes () No Do you want a texting package?*= () Yes () No

Generally, No. Although if you purchase the phone unlocked, you can use it with a Verizon prepaid plan.

There are several prepaid cell phone plans that are less than plans with contracts.

This is up to your cell phone carrier. Several companys do allow you to switch from prepaid plans to regular monthly billed plans. Inquire with your cell phone company.

Yes, but they have to be a specific time of prepaid phone or have an option in the plan for international calls. Otherwise a regular prepaid cell phone will not.

Most prepaid cell phones allow you to text, measuring those texts in "units" that represent what they would charge you for a certain number of minutes. This method can get very expensive for individuals texts. For a monthly prepaid phone with unlimited texting and no contract check out which has plans as low as $40.

Cheap prepaid phone plans can be bought at nearly every electronic or cell phone store. Prepaid cell phone plans allow you to buy a certain amount of minutes within a month for a low price. Some cheap prepaid cell phone plans can be bought at a fraction of what it cost for a contract plan. Many cell phone providers allow you to keep your current number when starting a plan and provide great deals on cell phone that can be used for prepaid plans.

Yes, Sprint offers a prepaid cell phone plan, it's called Boost Mobile. You can find out more on yes sprint offers prepaid phone.

There are many companies that offer prepaid cell phone plans. Examples of companies that offer prepaid cell phone plans includes US Cellular and T Mobile.

Prepaid cell phones have become popular in recent years because of the flexibility given to users. A prepaid cell phone allows you to buy a predetermined number of minutes to make and receive phone calls. When you are near the end of minutes, you can purchase additional minutes to continue you calls. The advantage of a prepaid cell phone is that you know exactly how much you will pay for your cell phone service.

I think the Virgin Wild Card is a pretty cool QWERTY text phone for under $100... plus they have low prepaid plans starting at $20 and up.

Virgin cell phone plans include prepaid and pay as you go as well as unlimited talk and text.

Normal civilians who do not have specialized equipment may not be able to track prepaid cell phone calls or messages. It may be possible for law enforcement to track calls or messages, but it may be harder to track because you do not need a contract to have a prepaid phone.

There are many places where one could purchase prepaid cell phone cards. Some of the best places to purchase prepaid cell phone cards would be at a grocery store or gas station.

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