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No. A bullet is traced by examining the markings on the sides of the round that are created as it is pushed out the barrel. Each barrel imprints a unique set of microscopic scratch lines on the bullet's sides; it's like the bullet has it's own finger prints. But you have to have the gun to do this comparison.

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Q: Can you trace a bullet without a gun?
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Can you trace a bullet back to its gun?

Sometimes you can.

How can you make strong my gun?

the bullet and the barrel of the gun without a bullet it wont do anything by By Ray Lee Charles the top gun industries.

How can you trace a criminal by a bullet?

When a bullet is fired from a rifled firearm, the rifling leaves marks on the bullet. Those marks are unique to that gun, and no other gun makes exactly the same marks. If a bullet (or fired cartridge casing) is recovered from a crime scene, and we suspect that YOUR gun was used to commit this crime, then a sample bullet is fired from your gun, and compared to the crime scene bullet. A comparison microscope is used to compare the bullets, or marks made on the fired cartridge case by the extractor and firing pin.

How do you shoot a bullet without a gun?

A cartridge will ignite if the primer is struck, regardless of whether it is in a gun at the time.

What are the release dates for Man Without a Gun - 1957 The Last Bullet 1-34?

Man Without a Gun - 1957 The Last Bullet 1-34 was released on: USA: 29 May 1958

How far does a bullet fly?

it depens on the gun and wind and bullet size it depens on the gun and wind and bullet size

Why does the bullet and gun have different acceleration?

The gun weighs MUCH more than the bullet.

Which has more momentum a train at rest or a bullet fired from a gun?

A bullet fired from a gun

How do you make a bullet fly without it burning?

First ordinary bullets don't burn, it is the powder in the cartridge that could throw the bullet with your handyou could use a slingshot to propel the bulletyou could use high pressure compressed gas to force the bullet through the gun barrel (i.e. an air gun, a carbon dioxide gun)etc.

Can a bullet wound be healed to where there is no trace of the bullet?

On the sight of the wound, there may be a scar...

How do you shoot a gun with a bullet?

Affix the gun to a target. Load the bullet into a cartridge. Load the cartridge into a second gun. Aim carefully, squeeze the trigger. If you have done everything right, you will have shot the gun with a bullet.

Why the gun leans backward when the bullet fire from the gun?

It's the recoil from the force of the bullet being fired. The gun powder pushes the bullet forward and also equally pushes the gun back into your hand.

What is the name of the song which has the lyrics like a bullet from a gun and is about racing cars?

Chastain - Bullet From A Gun

How does a bullet leave a gun?

A bullet leaves a gun barrel because it is forced out by the pressure of burning gasses.

What are the movements of the bullet after leaving the muzzle of the gun?

The bullet is moving forward, and is spinning. As the bullet moves away from the gun, it falls towards the earth from gravity.

Which has more momentum a gun or the bullet it fires?

If the gun is stationary before the shot, then the momentum of the gun and the momentum of the bullet are equal and opposite after the shot.

How fast can a airsoft bullet go?

An airsoft bullet can go different speeds depending on the gun that you are using. the FPS of a gun is how fast it can shoot the bullet. for example a gun that has 350 FPS shoots the bullet 350 feet per second.

What determines the pattern of marks on a bullet?

Marks, or striations on a bullet are made from the bullet running against the metal of the gun. The barrel of the gun determines whether the bullet curves to the left or right.

How do you make gun on alchemy?


How do you make a gun in alchemy?


What is the purpose of a muzzle on a gun?

That is where the bullet comes out of the gun.

What is an example of an action reaction forces?

The recoil of a bullet being fired from a gun is a good example, the action force is the gun pushing the bullet away from the gun and the reaction force is the bullet pushing back against the gun (recoil).

What is the term recoil o f the gun?

Bullet forward, gun back - as in when the gun is fired, the bullet goes forward, and the explosion pushes (recoil) the gun backwards.

Can you shoot a bullet with out a gun?


What do you shoot out of a gun?

a bullet