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Can you trade Pokemon from the emerald version to pearl or diamond?

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2015-12-12 23:59:36

No you cannot trade between Pokémon Emerald or the Generation 4

games of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl however you can transfer

Pokémon from Emerald to Diamond or Pearl, you will first need to

go to the Pal Park in Diamond or Pearl and then after saving and

shutting down your system you will need to use the original

Nintendo DS system (nicknamed as the DS Phat) or the Nintendo DS

Lite and you will need to insert the Generation 4 game into the DS

slot and Emerald into the Gameboy slot at which point you can load

up your Emerald game, select the "Migrate from Emerald" option once

you get to the "Continue, New Game, Mystery Gift" menu and then you

will be brought into Emerald's PC and you will be asked to select

six Pokémon and you can only select Pokémon that are in your PC,

that do not know HM moves and are not holding mail at which point

you can confirm your selection and after confirming a couple of

times they will be sent into Pal Park at which point you can go

into your DS game, talk to the guy behind the Pal Park counter and

he will allow you in and you will need to re-catch the migrated

Pokémon in Pal Park and once you have re-captured all six Pokémon

the mini game will end and the Pokémon will be sent into your DS

game's PC.

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2011-09-12 14:32:46

yes you can. if you have beaten the elite four and have seen all

of the sinnoh Pokemon you can nowslide in your emerald game in to

slide two of your ds and then turn it on, click on your diamond or

pearl game pak,select the migrate Pokemon from eg emerald optionon

the main menuof the game and vwale they will be sent onto your

iamod game pak mind you,once you have put Pokemon from eg emerald

onto diamond, you can longer put them back onto your emerald game

ever again........

hope this is of use to ye. happy trading !!!!!!

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