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you can trade an xbox elite into game and get half price of the new xbox360 ! but you cant trade it and get a free one.

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Q: Can you trade your Xbox 360 for Xbox Kinect slim in the UK?
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Which Xbox is better Kinect or slim?

Kinect is add-on for the Xbox 360, not a console.

What the different of Xbox slim and Kinect?

Xbox 360 slim is the new improved version of the xbox 360 and kinect is a mothion sensor camera comping out for it.

Does the Xbox 360 have built in Kinect?

Only the new xbox 360 slim not the elite or arcade EDIT: Actually, The new Xbox 360 Slim has kinect abilities meaning its ready for it. You still have to buy Kinect.

What comes with the xbox 360 slim 250gb?

The Xbox 360 Kinect comes with it.

Is the xbox 360 slim and the Kinect sold seprately?

Yes. You can buy an Xbox 360 slim that's fully compatible with Kinect, or you can buy Kinect and connect it to your existing, older Xbox 360, or you can buy both at once.

Do you have to have an Xbox slim to have Kinect?

No, Kinect will function on any xbox 360 console with sufficient memory.

Will the Kinect be compatible with a xbox 360 arcade?

Yes, kinect will work on ALL Xbox 360 consoles all the way from xbox 360 arcade to the xbox 360 slim!

Is the Xbox slim the new Xbox 360?

The Xbox slim is the upgraded version of the Xbox 360. It is still an Xbox 360, just smaller, with added features like the Kinect.

What is it Xbox slim Xbox 720 Xbox Kinect?

July 6, 2010: There is no official name for the new Xbox 360, but Kinect is an add-on for the Xbox 360. However I'm not sure if Kinect will work for the "old" Xbox 360 and only the new Xbox 360.

Can Xbox Kinect play on any Xbox 360?

Yes. But if you have an old (not slim) XBox, the Kinect will need a separate power adaptor

Is Microsoft Kinect only for the 360 slim?

No, the original Xbox 360 will need an adapter.

Do you need the xbox 360 slim to play Kinect?

no. mine is anciant

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