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Can you update maps on the Magellan Maestro 3200?

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Yes you can but you need to buy the update CD from Magellan. It is fairly expensive at about 79$. If I had known that, I would have never bought a 3200. The update is simple and requires an internet connection. The worst part is one CD can be used to update only one GPS unit.

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Yes, but only when Magellan posts an update. There was a recent update that included more POI's, UI improvements and some other stuff. But how do i do it?

Magellan has a map update planned for the second quarter of 2008 for the Magellan Maestro 4040. This is according to their website as of this posting 4/17/08 I found that you can go to and purchase the mapping updates from them and based on the reviews its a much faster process than getting it from magellan

According to the Magellan Phone representative, the 3225 does not have any Europe maps available.

ya but it costs like 75$. Updated: You can buy them at AutoNavdirect, that's where I got mine.

The maps of the Magellan 3100 are from the third quarter of 2006. There is not an update available yet for this particular product. ******************** 23.12.2007 ******************** Magellan has released an update version 2.18 for the unit. It is about 900mb to download. Check, you will need an user name and a password to get the download. More information on how to tweek your Magellan 3100 here: ********************7/07/08************************ There will be a release of a map upgrade for the Magellan 3100 at the end of September 2008, according to their website. ( Puchase the maps at

Update prices are usually around $80 bucks for Magellan GPS systems. Pretty pricey if you ask me, but you can easily download the updates from their website: Just go to Vehicle Navigation Maps and select your device.

Magellan has indicated that the decision to update maps will be dependent on the number of customer requests. I guess they feel if there is enough concern, they will plan on doing it. I wish they would, I would like to update mine. Still, this is what they told me about nine months ago. I guess its time for me to call again. Viper1 Map updates can be purchased (software updates are free) from the Magellan website ( > Products > Maps and Software, as of Jan 20, 2010). The latest update available right now is the 2009 Spring Map Update, available on an SD card for $80. eternicode

There is not a regular interval between map updates. The Magellan website shows the date of the next update in the support section. Customers receive a free map upgrade within the first 30 days of purchase (if the maps are updated during this period).

The Magellan 3100 already comes preloaded, the USB cable is only for updating the firmware. ******************** 23.12.2007 ******************** More information on how to tweek your Magellan 3100 here:

You can update the maps on You can update whenever you wish, but if you purchase a lifetime subscription, you will receive 4 updates per year.

Yes is the answer, I was able to conduct a search through piratebay and found that someone had posted an update for 6m points of interest. Living in canada, I'm not sure if they really are intended for our use??? Still did not come up with a few local places that I visit... good luck! The website address where you can download the 6m POIs is: It wasn't really that hard to do and it works just fine.

Every 30 days a update is done.

Magellan Roadmate GPS will allow one free map update for your device. After your initial map update you must either purchase a one year subscription or a lifetime subscription. The one year subscription allows you four new map releases a year. The lifetime subscription also allows you four new map releases a year. You can check the pricing of various map subscriptions on the Magellan.

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Updating your GPS maps depends on what manufacturer and specific GPS model you own. You can generally update the GPS maps by either downloading them through the system or buying updated maps on a CD.

Yes, he proved that there was a westward route from china to India that changed everyone's maps

The best GPS company out there is probably Magellan. To keep your GPS up to date, you must update the maps annually. This way you can view new roads and roads that have been closed down.

Google Inc. Usually updates its digital maps yearly, including Google Earth and Google Maps.

To update maps on the GM-351, the unit must be sent to the manufacturer for a software upgrade. There will be a charge for the updated software and shipping costs.

Go to the Navman site. Look for map updates and download them from the site for free. Most GPS makers provide update maps on their websites at no charge.

You can follow our Facebook to learn the latest details. XGODY-Navigation @XGODYcarstereo We also have a map update video on our Facebook. We will provide the latest map update package and updated tutorials every six months or a year so that you can use our products more easily.

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You put it to the internet to get updated roads and maps

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