Can you use a 230 Volt 1 phase motor with 208 volt 1 phase?

230 V is the standard nominal voltage in the UK. 'Nominal' means the 'stated' voltage, but this is allowed to vary, under government legislation, between +10% and -6%, which means it is allowed to drop to 216 V.

The motor's rated voltage of 208 V is also a nominal voltage, but is not a standard UK nominal voltage so, without knowing what in which country the motor is manufactured, we'll assume that it is allowed to vary between, say, +5% to -5%. This means that it can operate at voltages up to 218 V. If it's allowed to vary between, say, +10% and -10%, then it can be operated up to 229 V.

So there is an overlap between the nominal voltage of the supply and the rated nominal voltage of the motor so, in all likelihood, the motor should be able to run with a 230-V supply. On the other hand, there will be times when the supply voltage will exceed the upper limit of the motor's nominal voltage, and this may -over time- lead to a breakdown in its insulation and its ultimate failure.