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Can you use a Guitar Hero 2 controller for Guitar Hero 3?

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Is the Guitar Hero 2 controller wireless?

No, you can use the guitar hero 3 controller, which is wireless, for guitar hero two

Can I use my Wii Guitar Hero Guitar with Playstation 2 Guitar Hero?

Unfortunately, the Wii Guitar Hero controller and the Playstation 2 Guitar Hero controller use completely different connectors and are therefore not compatible with one another.

How do you use Guitar Hero 3 guitar on Guitar Hero 2?

That completely depends. Is the guitar hero 3 controller for the same platform as the guitar hero 2 controller ? (I.e. xbox 360 or ps2)

How do you unlock multiplayer on Guitar Hero 2?

Insert another Guitar Hero controller, The Guitar Hero Controller if you are playing with a system controller, or your system controller if you have a Guitar Hero controller. I use a Fender Cream Strat when I'm using Guitar Hero for my PlayStation 2. That is because my piano teacher, Rick loves Fender Strats.

How can you use the PS2 wireless guitar that came with Guitar Hero 3 for Guitar Hero 2?

You can use it the same way you would use it on Guitar Hero 3. But it has more lag than the Guitar Hero 2 controller.

Can you use your Guitar Hero 2 controller on Guitar Hero 4?

if its wireless ya if wired uh........no

Can you use the Guitar Hero 2 and 3 guitar on Guitar Hero 5?

yes you can i have a guitar from guitar hero 3 and it works on guitar hero 5, but you cant use a guitar hero 5 guitar on 1,2 or 3 because it is usb port powerd and those 3 games get the controller from the controller port.

Are the controllers for Guitar Hero the same for all platforms?

Yes, Guitar Hero 2 controller will work in any other guitar hero game same as guitar hero world tour controller can work on any guitar hero game, But you cant use xbox360 controller on another console guitar hero game.

Can you use a Guitar Hero 1 controller with Guitar Hero 2?

If it has same buttons it should just be able to plug in

How do you program a wireless Playstation 2 guitar hero controller?

there is only a wireless controller in guitar hero 3

Can you use a Guitar Hero 2 controller to play Guitar Hero 3?

yeah the guitars are interchangable between all the games

Will Guitar Hero 2 controller be compatible with Guitar Hero metallica on xbox 360?

Yes any controller is compatible with any Guitar Hero Game plus Rock Band 2

Will the xbox 360 guitar hero world tour controller work with xbox 360 guitar hero 2 game?

yeah it will but you can't tap with the guitar controller on guitar hero two.

How do you use guitar hero world tour guitar controller on playstation 2?

First turn the guitar on and then connect it to the wireless receiver

Can you use Guitar Hero 2 controller with Guitar Hero 3?

Yes you could because you will still need a guitar to play so yes. unless you want a wireless guitar

Does the guitar hero 2 controller work with rock band?

Yes It Does any guitar hero controller for any game console will work

Does the Guitar Hero 3 guitar work on Guitar Hero 5?

Yes you can. The only thing you'll miss are the slide-buttons. It ads an additional fun-factor. That's all. Any guitar hero controller will work on any guitar hero game, as long as it is on the same console :) epic win. I use guitar hero 2 controller on world tour

Do you need a guitar to play Guitar Hero 2?

No you can play it with a controller,too

Can you use a Guitar hero 3 wireless controller with guitar hero 2 on the Playstation 3?

yes.it doesnt matter which game it on.it works both ways. Guitar Hero 3 is a good game because you can rock with your guitar.

What Guitar Hero games can use a ps3 controller?

Every single Guitar Hero game released for the playstation three, also Guitar Hero 1 & 2 for the playstation two will be compatible if played with a PlayStation 3 console.

Will Guitar Hero 3 guitar for wii work with rock band 2?

Yes. I use my GH3 controller when I play Rock Band.

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