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YES!!!!YES you can. It has nothing to do with the hot water, unless you have a gas dryer and you have shut off the gas.

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Q: Can you use a dryer if the water heater is broken?
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What gauge wire and amp breaker do you use on a stove dryer and hot water heater?

A stove is a two pole 50, and hot water heater i would recommend the same.

Name any 5 electric appliances that make use of heating effects of electric current?

electric iron , electric toaster, electric water heater, electric geyser

Can you use the dryer as a heater to heat your home?

Only by jury rigging it ... the normal insulation is designed to vent the heat outside. But it can be used as a form of electric heater.

Central water heater vs individual water heater?

Point of use CHEAPER to use in most cases

What is the use of water heater?

it heats water

The water heater can use water from?

any source

What is the use of heater?

it heats water

How do you get water out of a Samsung phone?

Use a hair dryer it works

What happens to water on your hair when you use a hair dryer?

It evaporates.

Is the water from a condensing tumble dryer distilled?

Yes, it is. in fact distilled water from a condensing tumble dryer is the best water you can use for watering carnivorous plants, i just found this out when I was on chat with my mom because my fly traps were wilting slightly so i asked my mom, and she said the best water to use is condensed water, which you can get the fastest from the dryer, for FREE!

What do you do if your soup mate pro heater is broken someone put it in water?

All you can do is try to dry it out unless you have already plugged it in wet. Dissemble it as much as possible and use a hair dryer to remove all the moisture. After you have done that let it set outside in the sun for a few days. The internal moisture will evaporate over time if you leave it in the hot sun long enough.

Is it called a hot water heater or water heater?

It's because "hot-water" is a compound adjective, modifying "heater". It's not for heating water, it's for heating a house with hot water. There are many types of heaters that heat water, but only a hot-water heater is used for providing heated water for domestic use. A hydronic boiler also heats water, but it's only for use in radiators.The name "Hot Water Heater" is completely wrong for any use. There is no need to heat hot water. IT has always been "water heater". The term hot water heater has just been used for years because people don't realize the difference. It has always been WATER HEATER.The first answer is jibberish and makes no practical sense at all.