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Yes you can, but I would use a charger that has an amp switch, so you can use the lowest amperage there is on the 2 amps at the most, mine has a 10/2 switch on the charger..I would only use 10 amp for a VERY short time, and if you can keep an eye on it, then switch it to 2 amps...most motorcycle batteries can be done this way..

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First check the voltage required by the 'barbie car'. If this is the same as the lawn tractor battery, it should work. Something else to consider is how long the battery charge will last in this application. A deep cycle battery might be a better choice.

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Yes. Any 12 volt vehicle battery charger can charge any 12 volt battery. Smaller batteries like motorcycle and lawn mower, will charge faster so you will have to watch then closely so as not to overcharge then. The best type of chargers are the ones that monitor the charge rate and slow the charge rate down to a trickle when the battery is almost charged. Some chargers shut off when the charge is complete, for these you pay a higher price but well worth it in the long run.

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Q: Can you use a small 12 volt lawn tractor battery for a Barbie Power Wheel car?
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