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From my experience in other applications, urethane does not take to steam very well. Similar to wood, the urethane will swell casuing physical and possible chemical changes to occur. I hope this is helpful.

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Can you clean a urethane sealed wood floor with a steam cleaner?

This is not advisable as the steam cleaner could melt the sealant. This could release toxic fumes and will seriously damage the floor.

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How do you replace rear side window in Lexus rx300?

The staitionary rear window is not a easy repair! You need to remove all broken shards of glass. This info is with the thought that your glass is broke...... The glass is retained with a "adhesive" called urethane. Very strong and hard to remove. You will need to remove all glass pieces and 95% of old adhesive. The sealing surface needs to be 100% grease free. Go to your local parts store and buy a tube of urethane sealer and a can of primer cleaner. I can not remember the part number for the urethane, but the # of the primer is a 3m product,08681. This is a 3m number,I would use nothing else. Follow the prep instructions on the label. Also pay close attension to time. The primer and urethane have a working time limit. Make sure the glue surface is clean,clean,clean.

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a good cleaner for windows?

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