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No you can not use dial up on a cell phone. All cell phone providers offer their own internet service that can be included in your plan.

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Dial the number you wish to call. Then press the green button.

we loose the use of internet and cell phones.

Yes. A dial-up modem is necessary to use dial-up internet.

The first cell phones looked just like an old dial phone. They were big with a dial with numbers and a reciever. They were in a bag and the entire bottom was the battery. It was very expensive to use and not all calls would connect because there were few cell towers. Since they came out to the public in 1984 there was no internet connection in the phone ( there was barely internet on computers and they were dial up if they had it) and no apps. There was also no touch screens invented yet. Nothing like a "smart" phone existed. In fact, I guess you could say they were "dumb" phones because all they did was call out or get a call and sometimes they didn't do that.

The difference between communicatimg when using the cell phone and the Internet is for the cell phone you don't have to refresh it and the Internet you do. Also for the Internet you don't have just text you can use the computer cam and see them as well but the cell phone you can not.

Around 73% of all phones in use are cellphones, and over half of cellphone owners, use a smartphone. 17% of all cellphone users use their cellphones solely for internet use.

cell phones use electricity by the electrical wires outside

Dial up internet connection? Yes it can but it is recommended to use DSL or any high speed internet connection since VoIP rely on internet.

It is a system where a computer can use the phone lines to dial up to the internet

What kind of phones do prisoners use? ''cell phones''

The use of cell phones is to communicate with each other....

they did not have cell phones

The Internet can be used in a huge number of different vices. Nowadays, many people are turning to their cell phones or their tablets to surf the Internet.

USA uses the most cell phones

Most cell phones these days include everything you want however the internet is also part of that feature. You certainly don't have to use the internet. Or you can get a prepaid cell phone that offers all the above with limited internet access.

cell phones use electromagnets by ..........

No, they do not have the same charger as all other cell phones but a Blackberry charger will be similar to some cell phones.

Yes just about 66% of people die with the use of cell phones

8.7% or people use their cell phones as alarm clocks.

None pupil can use cell phones in class. The reason is simple to understand.

Because they use cell towers to transmit calls.

they could use their cell phones to cheat on a test

They use phones and cell phones and they have mail.

WiFi is a type of wireless connection to the internet. There are locations where you can use a wireless connection for free and there are payed wireless connections also available. Most of the newer cell phones come equipped with WiFi capabilities.

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