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no you can not do this. you can only use an external monitor on the laptop.

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Q: Can you use laptop as a second monitor for your PC if so what cable would you use?
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Can you connect a mac mini to a laptop for the laptop monitor?

i would have to say no.

How would you hook up 2 monitors to a lap top running Vista?

Many laptops have a second monitor port along the edge. On my Acer it's on the back, on my Toshiba it's at the left side. Plugging a standard monitor cable in to that port will enable you to use your laptop screen and the external monitor as separate monitors.

Why would the monitor on a laptop flicker and turn red?

You may want to check the ribbon cable from the LCD to the system board, may need cleaning, use the eraser of a pencil to clean contacts on cable.

What type of VGA cable would be used to connect a laptop to a projector screen?

The VGA cable that you would use to connect a laptop to a projector screen is called a PS2 projector cable.

How do you get a widescreen LCD monitor to work with an IBM ThinkPad?

If your laptop is quite old then you need the driver for the LCD to be installed onto your laptop so that the laptop can communicate with the LCD monitor. If you laptop is a later model then there shouldn't be a problem coz the drive would already be in the windows application. Or, if you have evrything connected when your laptop was on then you must restart your laptop so the laptop can reset and pick up the signal from the LCD. Assume you have the correct monitor cable (15 pins) then in the help and support window type in 'add hardware' then select 'using add hardware' and follow the instructions there.

What type of monitor would a laptop have?

Laptops generally have LCD displays. They also usually have a connector on the rear of the laptop where you can attach an external monitor. Using an external monitor is a good way to diagnose a defective laptop display if you suspect t the LCD laptop display is bad.

How can you Connect a laptop to an HDTV?

on the back of my tv there is a plug like the one on the back of your laptop that you would plug a monitor into all you have to do is go to your local bestbuy/futureshop and get a double sided plug like the one on the end of a monitor plug one end into the tv and the other end into the laptop or you can use an old fashioned s-video cable but they dont work as well

Will a laptop operate with the monitor removed?

I think so, but the use of a monitor of some kind is advised as otherwise there would be little or no point having the laptop turned on in the first place.

How do you make a computer monitor extension cable?

Do you have an electronics store nearby? Call them and say, "Hello, I would like to purchase a computer monitor extension cable."

If a laptop Monitor breaks is there a way to replace it without buying a whole new laptop and if so how much money would it cost to replace or fix?

If the laptop is no longer under warranty, the cost of fixing the monitor would likely be more than the cost of the laptop. However, you can connect the laptop to any desktop monitor, you just need to buy a simple connector you can get at most any computer store, and you could also buy a used desktop monitor for very little.

How would you use a webcam on your laptop when your laptop screen is replaced by a deasktop screen?

install the webcam and place it on top of the monitor

how much would it cost to replace monitor on hp laptop?

It would depend on what size and make your monitor is. It could cost anywhere from $250-400.

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