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Can you use newspaper clippings that are more than fifty years old in saleable crafts?

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I would be concerned with the longevity of the paper, since it is not archival safe... the acids in the newsprint will cause the paper to deteriorate & fall apart eventually. Get some archival spray at a scrapbook store. As for the copyright issue, newspapers and clippings are protectable property, so it is likely that clippings will still be copyrighted (assuming they were properly copyrighted when published, and renewed if necessary). However, if you purchased copies of the newspapers then remove the clippings, the "first sale doctrine" will permit you to display them, sell them, etc. by themselves. However, if you use copyrighted works to create new "transformative" works (say a collage or an historic compilation, or mount them to new pages forming a book, you may need permission to make commerial advantage of your works. That is because the first sale doctrine does not override the copyright owner's exclusive right to create "derivative works". In one famous 1939 case, National Geographic stopped a company from clipping articles and pictures from magazines, mounting them together with related articles and selling them.

2007-03-26 18:02:36
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Q: Can you use newspaper clippings that are more than fifty years old in saleable crafts?
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