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Can you use ordinary headphone on PC?


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Yes, as long as your computer is equipped with an analog headphone or speaker jack (most are).

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You can use it like this: I have a headphone.

Buy a headphone to RCA Ycable. Then hook the headphone side to your PC and the RCA red and white to the Bose.

You put the headphone in your ears.

the universal headphone port colour is green. it should be the same on any laptop or pc

This is very simple. Get A 2 sided 3.5mm headphone jack and plug one end into the microphone port and the other into the headphone jack.

green usually. It is black on some. Look for a headphones symbol.

use a cable that goes from your headphone jack on the pc to the rca input on the mixer or directly to the speaker if applicable. This is just to get sound out of your pc to the mixer dj programs are a different question.

Well if your computer doesnt have a built in speaker system, you can only use headphones or buds to hear it, unless you buy a speaker system that you can plug in.

to listen to music ?:L

it only has one headphone jack, but you can use a splitter.

Since the speaker was damaged on the left one, only the right headphone worked.

Yes. The Eternity is a very rare breed of Samsung phones that do not require the proprietary headphone jack as with most of their other phones. You can use any standard headphone jack with the samsung eternity.

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Headphone splitters are a device you can use to plug into your headphone jack and then attach other headphones to it. Headphone splitters make it so you can share music with more than one person at a time, with everyone using their own set of headphones.

Most likely not it would depend if the game supports a microphone

Make sure the jack on your headphone is the correct size for the slot in your PC. You may be using a 2.5 mm jack for a 3.5 mm (standard) slot in your PC. Make sure the volume on your PC is up, too, from the start bar.

yes you can use beat headphones for ipod

It plugs into the computers Microphone jack. Make sure you don't plug it into the Headphone jack.

just rename the microphone from recording device settings

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Skull Candy or Apple in ear headphones

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