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I advise no, sour cream has a expirery date for a reason.

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Does frosting expire?

yes it does it can get sour

Sour cream replacement in baking?

creme fresh

What is the fat content of creme fraiche?

The fat content of creme fraiche is about 30% to 45% as it is made with cream soured with bacterial culture, but is less sour than US style sour cream.

How many cups are 300 grams of sour creme?

That is 1.323 cups.

Do mixed drinks expire?

They will eventually oxidize and turn sour if left out in the open.

What are the standard fat percentages in sour cream?

Standard sour cream, such as creme fraiche, has around 18 percent fat. Sour cream has the same fat percentage as single cream. Hope that helps

What is the function ingredient of creme fresh?

It's acid, whether it's citrus, buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream.

Can casseroles with sour creme be frozen?

I don't see why not. Most any food can be frozen, as long as its wrapped properly.

What is the the 7 layer burrito at Del Taco?

Beans Rice sour creme guacamole lettuce cheese tomato

Spanish translation for sour creme?

"Sour cream" in Spanish is "crema ácida". It is pronounced "KRAY-ma AH-see-dah". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

Does it taste nice if you have normal sponge cake and creme fraiche as a filling?

Sponge cake with creme fraiche filling is a universally liked combination. It is something that Europeans would appreciate more than in the Western world. The creme fraiche would be ideal as a topping as well.

What Cocktail that begins with a?

Why just one? I'll give you three! * Amaretto sour - Amaretto and sour mix * Appletini - vodka and apple liqueur, with variations * Alexander - gin, creme de cacao, and cream

Can you Use expire in a sentence?

The prescribed medicines expire next month.

What do they use to make things sour?

sour stuff.

Do HP printer ink cartridges expire?

They will expire only if you use them. Don't open them until you have to use them.

What pan do you use for creme brulee?


What are good substitutes for cream cheese?

marcapone, you could mix cream and sour cream/ creme fraiche together, to make it a thicker consistancy.

Do coupons expire on or after the date?

Most expire after. On THE date written, you may use them.

Can you use creme developer instead of bleach to dye your hair a lighter color?

Yes, but it wouldn't work as good you would have to use a lot more creme

What method would you use to ice cupcakes with fondant with butter creme?

Swirl method is the method I would use to ice cupcakes with fondant with butter creme.

How do you make hair less frizy?

i use tony and guy curl creme and the boots own make curl creme

How do you use expire in a sentence?

The can of soup will expire tomorrow, so it is no good. Expire: to come to an end; terminate, as a contract, guarantee, or offer.

Can you use creme fresh in a chocolate cheesecake?

Yes :)

What does expire mean?

To expire means to nullify, or not work anymore. You cannot use it anyomre.

What is creme viennoise?

creme viennoise is creme viennoise

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