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No, it is not possible to convert sulfuric acid to nitrous acid.

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Q: Can you use sulfuric acid to make nitrous acid?
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What is the main use of sulfur?

the main use of sulfur is in the production of sulfuric acid and its also about 65% of sulfuric acid produced is used to make fertilizer

How do you make 0.02N sulfuric acid from concentraed sulfuric acid?

Use 0.54 mL of Concentrated H2SO4 to 1000 mL DiH2O.

Can you substitute muratic acid for battery acid?

You do not use muratic acid with car batteries. You use sulfuric acid. You use about 35% Sulfuric acid and 65% Distilled (de-ionized) water

Why sulfuric acid in the synthesis of aspirin?

The usual use of sulfuric acid in organic reactions is to promote dehydration reactions.

Do you have to use sulfuric acid to clean out a sewer pipe or can you use muriatic acid?

= sulfuric acid VERY rare but it is used and with lots of caution... Muriatic acid DILUTED for concrete cleaning etc. =

Which acid you need to use for gold test hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid?

nitric acid

Why do you use sulfuric acid in the preparation of banana oil experiment?

Sulfuric acid functions as a catalyst in the synthesis of banana oil.

What property of sulfuric acid makes it suitable to use as a catalyst for preparation of esters?

Sulfuric acid is a strong dehydrating agent.

What chemical is use in tire?

acetic acid, sulfuric acid nitric acid etc

What acid would you use to make copper sulfate?

Sulfuric Acid. The chemical reaction is Cu + 2H2SO4 = CuSO4 + SO2 + 2H2O

Why cant we use recrystallization to purify sulfuric acid and lithium?

Sulfuric acid doesn't form crystals; lithium react with water.

What has sulfuric acid in it?

It occurs as acid rain. Sulfuric acid is also used in drain cleaners (but this isn't really common anymore, since sulfuric acid is quite dangerous for most domestic use), and in laboratories and industry application.

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