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Can you use the action replay without WI FI connection?

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Yes, the action replay has code encrypted on it already, to update for new codes, use the Ds to USB cable turn the dsi on and click the mouse on the DSI

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Action replay codes that work without Action Replay?

Sorry, it's impossible to use Action Replay Codes without in Action Replay. If there was what would be the point of selling them?

Is there a way to use any Pokemon in the WiFi connection for Pokemon Battle Revolution without and action replay?

Like What You Said: Without Action Replay Do not hack or else PBR will NOT let you enter with Hacked Pokemon

How do you catch Arceus without the action replay?

you cant do that you have to use action replay

What are Pokemon heartgold cheats without action replay?

you can't do that you need a action replay or R4 if you want cheats. or.... you could probably use the events to get legendaries.but i know you can't use cheats without a action replay

How do you cheat to get lots of rare candy in soulsilver?

"""""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay

My sister has the action replay ok Well can I put my game into her action replay and do all of the codes on my game without crashing her device?

You can use your sister's Action Replay codes to put it on your games without crashing her device. You just need to use her Action Replay on your DS. yes you can use it non any ds

Can i use Pokesav without action replay?

I am sorry, but you will need a Action Replay because there is no place to input the codes without one.A action replay cost from $25.00 to $40.00 + Tax depending on where you buy it.However, if you have an R4 game cartidge, you do not need to use action replay if you have a game loaded onto there already.-Orignal Anwser-you need action replay because there is no place to input codes without itds action replay:$19.99+taxHowever if you have an R4 game cartridge you dont need to use the action replay if you have the game loaded onto there

How do you download action replay codes into your ds without action replay?

You need the Action Replay DS to use the codes on your games. If you mean by putting codes onto your DS without typing it in, you can use the Action Replay Code Manager to manage, add, delete, and transfer codes onto your Action Replay. You can get more information on the Action Replay here: http://www.warc.us/ none of this is helpful for the person how wrote it

How do you use action replay without a game card?

After Action Replay is loaded, you can take the game card out. Then, you will be able to use it's features without the action replay game card (you usually put in the game you wish to hack) * This is wrong, I mean that take the game card out and still have action replay in the ds but without the game card while playing a game.

Is there a way to use cheats on Pokemon diamond without action replay?

I am sorry. Afraid not but action replay is $20 and you can get it at any bestbuy.

How do you use action replay without an action replay disk?

Just insert it in your DS, the disk is for automatic updates via computer.

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