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No. You pay extra for internet .

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Verizon wireless has a data plan with unlimited internet usage. This is not technically free internet as you are paying for the plan, but you do have unlimited use with that plan.

How do you get free internet on your phone

Unlimited internet is a 'free' service with T-Mobile if you have a plan however the plan is not cheap so your internet isn't really free. It is cheaper than most other cell phone companies though.

Unlimited cell phone plans offer unlimited minutes and text for one monthly price. Some plans offer data and Internet usage with that price or as an add on to your plan. Most carriers offer prepaid unlimited plans cheaper than a contract unlimited plan. The difference is that you will have to buy your phone with a prepaid plan, but with a contract plan the price of the phone is discounted or free.

There is no such thing as an "Obama phone." It's an internet myth. The president is not paying your phone bill, giving you a free phone, or paying for unlimited texting.

No, you can't. But you can connect to the internet using the cell phone operator (verizon, at&t and so on), it might be free.

keep airtel sim in your cell and recharge with 'unlimited mobile internet' and through this you will get the result

I am very unhappy with Century Link as it is very expensive. My husband and I are p2 and 82 and can't afford it. I use the computer quite a bit, so need the internet.I also have an unlimited cell phone on my son's phone, so it doesn't cost me anything. What do you suggest?

Yes I believe it is free. But to make sure ask your cell phone provider. :o)


Not necessarily. Many cell phone plans provide unlimited SMS if you pay for internet but many don't. Call you carrier's customer service phone number and they will be able to tell you the details of your plan and how much an upgrade would cost.

I don't think any of the cell phone companies offer free SMS, as they all require some payment for your plan. So even if they say SMS is "unlimited or free" you are still paying for it.

Yes! You can get an app called whistle which gives you free unlimited calling.

how can i track a cell phone for free

a free cell is a free phone

An internet phone jack will allow you to place unlimited free local and long-distance calls. You can purchase one at or

You can get a free samsung solice 2 with a 2 yr agreement from at&t. If you get the 69.99 plan it is unlimited everything including data which is needed to use this phone.

am i able to get a free cell phone today

-- ive heard if you have unlimited texting it is if you dont and you send it to your phone you get charged for that text message ya but you have to get on the internet to get to your ringtone

There are many site that offer free wallpaper on the internet, but you must beware of viruses and hackers when you are doing this with your cell phone, as you are out there virtually unprotected. I would suggest using the site your cell phone company provides and download your free wallpaper from them, as to not take any chances on safety and security.

The best value no contract cell phone offers depends on your preferences. If he texts often, find a plan which offer free texting. If he talks a lot on the phone, find a plan with unlimited talk. If he surfs a lot, find a plan with unlimited data.

How can a person get free cell phone service?

It mean you get free internet.

There is a website called Free Internet that has listings of free internet phone services all around the world. In Wisconsin the names of free internet phone services include NetZero, Earthlink, and PeoplepcOnline.

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