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Can you use the product called Had a Snail with Cory catfish?

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2007-08-11 03:03:05

Had a Snail controls, and is thereby detrimental only to

invertebrates. Shrimp, lobsters, crayfish, snails, etc are

affected. Fish & plants are not affected. Use as directed - 1

drop per gallon & then in two weeks another treatment to affect

any snails that were in egg sacs when the initial treatment was

performed. We have Japanese Trapdoor snails in our aquarium, and

live plants (as well as our fish). When we bring in new plants we

quarantine them & treat with Had a Snail for several weeks so

that we do not introduce what we consider 'junk snails' (that are

frequently found stowing away on aquarium plants) into our tank.

The quarantined plants are rinsed several times in non-treated

water then over the course of several more days before they are

planted in our tank. We've never lost a fish (we have 4 corys), or

a plant to Had a Snail. Hope that helps. :)

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