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Had a Snail controls, and is thereby detrimental only to invertebrates. Shrimp, lobsters, crayfish, snails, etc are affected. Fish & plants are not affected. Use as directed - 1 drop per gallon & then in two weeks another treatment to affect any snails that were in egg sacs when the initial treatment was performed. We have Japanese Trapdoor snails in our aquarium, and live plants (as well as our fish). When we bring in new plants we quarantine them & treat with Had a Snail for several weeks so that we do not introduce what we consider 'junk snails' (that are frequently found stowing away on aquarium plants) into our tank. The quarantined plants are rinsed several times in non-treated water then over the course of several more days before they are planted in our tank. We've never lost a fish (we have 4 corys), or a plant to Had a Snail. Hope that helps. :)

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Q: Can you use the product called Had a Snail with Cory catfish?
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Do swordtails survive well with small catfish?

Only if they are Corydoras catfish, or Cory cats. Those are the best kind of catfish.

How big can a Cory catfish be?

it can be up to 8 feet big!

How big do Cory catfish get?

It depends on what type of cory you go for something like a peppered cory would usually grow no bigger than 8cm

How many Cory catfish can fit in a 4 gallon tank?


What is the longest corydoras fish get?

Corydoras barbatus is the largest know corydoras species.Also know as - Giant Cory, Filigree Cory, Bearded/Banded/Barbatus CatfishThey grow to about 13cm or 5"However, they are a part of the catfish family, and the largest catfish is the Mekong Giant Catfish - they grow up to 3m or 10 feet.

How long is catfish?

The term'catfish' belongs to a family of fish that can be as small as a cory catfish, which is about 2 inches, or the size of a channel catfish, which can be between 1 & 2 feet long. There are even larger catfish than that.

What do you get when you cross an albino Cory catfish with a bronze Cory catfish?

I would say like any albino, it is a mutatation of it's species. So if the alibino was bred back to it's parent species which is the bronze cory, you would most likely get mostly natural colored fry.

How big do Catfish get?

It depends on what type of cory you go for something like a peppered cory would usually grow no bigger than 8cm

What do Cory catfish eat?

They eat Store bought fish bait, worms, and meat

What are three egg laying tropical fish?

neon tetras barbs cory catfish

What variety of fish can be kept at home aquarium?

Guppies, Neon tetras, lemon tetras, cory catfish (bronze), oto sucking catfish, platys etc.

What time should you feed a Cory catfish?

If your Cory catfish is in a tank with no other fish species, it really doesn't matter. If you have other fish species with it in a tank I would try turning off the lights at night and feeding your Cory then. It will give your Cory a better chance of getting the food before another fish gets it because corys don't use their eyes to find food, they use their barbles.

How may fish can a 15 gallon tank hold?

i would say that 1 per every 2 gallons and 1 inch per 2 gallons for small fish like guppies mollies and platys and only one gold fish and 2-3 small angel fish and cory catfish you can fit 3-6. hers one good combo 4 cory catfish 3 platies and 1 snail. your choice il have 4 corys and 1 betta soon

How many inches is a green Cory catfish?

A extra large Green Cory Catfish can be as big as 1 to 1.5 inches from tip of mouth to tip of the tail fin. They are non-egressive and their mouths are small so unless you are keeping them in a tank you are raising fry, then all should be ok.

What is Cory real name off Cory in the house?

The boy who plays Cory in Cory in the house is called Kyle Massey.

Why is my Cory catfish swimming up and down my fish tank?

As long as the tank water is clean, and the fish are being fed properly, the catfish may just be entertaining itself by swimming that way.

Can a Cory catfish eat frozen brine shrimp?

Yes, you may feed your catfish brine shrimp,aswell as premium high quality flake food. Consult the Net. for complete care infirmation.

Which fish eats algae growing on a shark's body?

if they are hungry, a common plectomosus(pleco) will. same as a Cory or a catfish. but catfish get too big and corys stay too small to be in with a shark, even just a bala

What is the definition for the word summoning?

Cardinal tetra, catfish, cherry barb, cichlid, clown barb, convict cichlid, and cory are a few.

Can a betta be kept with a Cory catfish?

Provided the tank is large enough Bettas are perfectly OK with most fish including Corydoras catfish. The minimum sized tank to hold a male Betta and a Corydoras is about a (nominal)10 gallons.

What size fish tank would a Cory catfish need?

Technically, a 2 gallon tank for one Cory cat, 4 gallon tank for two Cory cats, and so on. The rule is one gallon per one inch of fish and Cory cats can grow to two inches, although the bigger tank the better. I would DEFINITELY not recommend a 2 gallon tank with one Cory cat. They like to be in groups and will be happier and healthier.

what is the best fish to have with coreys?

Cory Catfish tank mates include most community tank fish as long as they are non-aggressive and friendly in nature. Otocinclus Catfish, Tetras, Swordtails and of course other Corys can be a good fit.

How long can Cory catfish live?

5+ years is the average for just about all types of Corys. Also keep in mind that they are happiest when in groups of at least 3.

How do you tell the diffirance from a male or a female Cory catfish?

The adult female Corydoras tend to be more triangular when viewed from above than the more elongated male.

Can angelfish live with catfish?

It depends on the catfish. if it is a small catfish ( 1-5 inches) sometimes the angelfish will try to eat it. if it is a medium sized catfish (6-9inches) you will be fine. BUT if you get a large catfish (10 inches and over) it will terrorize your angelfish by nipping at the angelfishes fins and if big enough will eat it. some of the catfish you can mix is a Cory catfish, Redtail catfish, upside down catfish and rubber lip catfish but that is all. Another thing is you should get the fish when they are young because angelfish are territorial. one last thing is that to mix the two fish you should get a tank 25 gallons or over or they will be too crammed and die even though 25 gallons is pretty large angelfish can grow up to 10 inches and all of the catfish that can mix can grow up to 7 inches