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no, because for each letter, you can only use 1 stamp.

Yes, you certainly can in Canada, and most other countries. Postage paid is postage paid, regardless of the stamp denomination. Assuming, of course, that the stamp total is sufficient to cover the required postage.

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How many stamps to mail to Australia?

Postage is 98 cents for a standard letter from the US. You can buy a 98-cent stamps or use any combination that totals 98 cent or more. For example two forever stamps plus a 10-cent stamp. If all you have is forever stamps, you would have to use three of them.

How many stamps are needed to send a letter from California to Hong Kong?

The cost is 98 cents. You could use two 44 cent stamps plus a 10 cent stamp. You can buy a 10 cents or a 98 cent stamp at the post office. If all you have is 44 cent stamps, you would have to use three.

Could you use two forty-one cent stamps to cover your letter postage?

Yes, but that would be foolish. Buy some one-cent stamps to make up the 42 cent postage and save those 41 cent stamps.

How many stamps from England to US if you use American stamps?

If you are sending a three paged letter it is around three US stamps!!!!

Stamps are 44 cents. How can you use a 42 cent stamp?

You can purchase 1 cent or 2 cent stamps.

How many stamps are needed to send a letter from the US to France?

Postage is 94 cents for up to one-ounce. You can buy a 94-cent stamp at the post office. Or you could use two 42-cent stamps , plus a 10-cent stamp, also available at the post office. If you have nothing but 42-cent stamps and do not want to go to the post offic,e you would have to use three of them, overpaying the postage.

How many stamps do you need to mail a 1.2 oz letter from 95826 to 95825?

The total number of stamps doesn't matter as long as they make a total of 61 cents of postage. You can use one 61 stamp, or a 44 cent with a 17 cent stamp. Or you can use 61 one cent stamps.

Charlie put postage worth 1.29 on a package he sent to his sister He used only 16 cent and 7 cent stamps How many of each type of stamp did he use?

If Charlie uses $1.29 in postage to send a package to his sister and only uses 16 cent stamps and 7 cent stamps, he will use 5 16 cent stamps and 7 7 cent stamps.

Can you still use 37-cent stamps?

You can still use 37-cent stamps, however you must add sufficient postage for the current price.

When did they use 1 cent postage stamps?

In the U.S. you could never send a letter for as little as 1 cent, but the rate for postcards was 1 cent from 1898 through the end of 1951.

Can you use 33 cent stamps?

Yes you can use 33 cent stamps. As long as the total postage on the envelope equals the cost of postage it is okay. US stamps have not been devalued since the Civil War.

How many stamps do you need to send a letter?

You need one 44 cent stamp for a letter up to 1 oz. You can use any number of stamps as long as the postage total is 44 cents.

Can you still use 41-cent stamps?

Yes, you can still use a 41 cent stamp. The 41 cent stamp can be used with others to meet current postage rates. You have to add 3 cents worth of postage to mail a letter.

How many stamps do you need for an envelope from Texas to Israel?

The postage from the US for an ordinary first class letter of 1 ounce or less is 98 cents You can buy a 98-cent stamps or use any combination of stamps whose total value is 98 cents of more. 2 forever stamps plus a 10-cent stamp would work.

If you have a book of stamps purchased prior to the new increase are those stamps still okay to use or do you need to buy 2 cent stamps to go along with the 42 cent stamps?

If they say 42 cents on them, you need the additional 2 cent stamps to make up the difference. If they are 'Forever' stamps, they are valid for one ounce of First Class Postage regardless of the cost.

Will a letter get mailed if you use two 041 cent stamps?

Yes, it will get delivered. You have enough postage for three ounces of mail. First class rate of 44 cents and 17 cents an ounce for each additional.

What do some of the one cent stamps look like and can you still use them?

Looks like a one cent stamp, says one cent on it and yes you can still use them

Can you still use 33-cent stamps?

yes you can use 33 cent stamps as long as you add the 11 cents to make the current US first class postage rate of 44 cents.

How many stamps is 95 cents postage?

I am guessing you want to mail a letter to some foreign location from the US. If so, the rate is now 98 cents. You can buy a 98-cent stamp at a post office. If all you have is "forever" stamps with the liberty bell on them , you would have to use three and overpay since they are worth 44 cents each . (10-cents stamps are also available at the post office and two 44-cent stamps plus a 10 give the exact amount. )

Can you use post stamps from 2007 in 2010?

Yes. 2007 postcard stamps are worth 26 cents, so if you buy two 1 cent addition stamps and put those along with the 2007 cent stamp your postcard will be mailed.

Can i use 20 cent stamps?

You may use stamps of any value issued by the United States. The total face value must equal the postage cost.

How many stamps do i need to send a letter from s.c. to v.a.?

One. It will cost you 42 cents. Or you can use 42 one-cent stamps, or any number in between depending on the amount each stamp costs. Before you ask, you can mail a letter next door with the same amount of stamps. Or you can mail one to Seattle.

Can you send a letter from Australia using US stamps?

No. You must use the stamps from the country of origin of the letter or parcel.

Can you still use 32 cent stamps?

Postage stamps that are worth 32 cents can still be used but they must be combined with other stamps to meet the current postage rate. In January of 2014 the current postage rate was 49 cents for a letter that weighs one once of less.

Can I use a regular 42 cent stamp for my postcards?

Yes, you can certainly use them. The current cost of a postcard is only 28 cents, so you are over paying. I'd get some 2 cent stamps and save them for letters and buy a few postcard stamps.

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