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Maybe. Although SSD and all other SS and private disability benefits are exempt from garnishment by creditors by federal and state laws, the laws do not apply to child support and/or spousal maintenance. Therefore, what action if any the ex-spouse can take against SSD benefits depends upon the terms of the spousal alimony/maintenance order.

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Q: Can your Social Security Disability benefits be garnished to reimburse your ex-wife after she has already repaid her medical bills?
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Can social security disability benefits be garnished if you have a trust fund at the bank?


Can your US Social Security Disability benefits be garnished in a civil landlord lawsuit?


Can Social Security Disability benefits be garnished in Utah?

If the debt relates to tax arrearage and/or child support then yes, SSD benefits can be garnished via a court order. SSD cannot be garnished for creditor debt.

Can disability benefits be garnished?

Disability benefits cannot be garnished. No sort of social service money can be subject to a garnishment because it is meant to help the recipient.

Can IRS or private creditors garnish Social Security Disability payments?

Social Security does not allow garnishment of disability benefits by creditors. Any credit card company, business, or individual who has won a judgment against you will never garnish your Social Security disability check.Social Security will allow garnishment of your Social Security disability benefits for current and past due child support or alimony. And the Internal Revenue Service is allowed to garnish Social Security disability and retirement benefits for delinquent taxes.Also, in addition to the IRS, other federal agencies may be allowed to garnish Social Security disability benefits.For instance, if an individual owes student loans that were federally guaranteed their Social Security disability benefit can be garnished.In theory, any money owed to the federal government can conceivably be garnished from Social Security retirement or disability checks.If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits, however, no creditor can garnish your benefit, not even the Federal Government. Since SSI is a need based disability benefit, it cannot be garnished.

Can disability benefits be garnished in Arizona?

SSD and other Social Security benefits are exempt by federal law from garnishment by judgment creditors. The exception is IRS garnishment for tax arrearages and court ordered child support. Private disability benefits such as WIC are generally exempt as well, but state laws determine if they are exempted in total or percentage. Social Security benefits can and are garnished for past due child support. SSI cannot be garnished.

Can a person receiving disability benefits with direct deposit to the bank be levied?

If you are asking if the money from disability can be "garnished" like wages the answer is NO. Creditors can't attach social security disability income.

Can disability benefits be garnished for child support obligations?


Can Social Security disability benefits be garnished?

No, they are protected from creditor judgments under federal statutes. However, all Social Security benefits awarded to a non custodial parent are subject to garnishment for child support obligations.

Can a person receive disability and social security benefits?

disability ,then social security

Can your retirement and social security benefits be garnished?


How do you get social security disability benefits?

Disability benefits are through the Social Security Administration. You can contact their local office or visit their website.

Can a Social Security disability or a retirement pension check be garnished in MI for credit card debt?

No, all SS benefits are exempted by federal law from creditor garnishment.

Can social security benefits be garnished from bank after direct deposit?


Can disability be garnished for child support?

SSD and most other disability benefits are subject to garnishment for child support obligations.

In Missouri can your disability benefits be garnished for creditor debt?

No. All disability benefits whether private, SS or RRB are exempt from creditor action for debt(s) owed.

Where can one receive a social security disability benefit?

Social Security Disability Benefits are available from the American Government. In Canada, they are called Canadian Disability Pension Plan Benefits.

Can your social security disability benefits be garnished by the child support office if your she is 33 yrs old..?

" ... if your child is 33 ...?" Yes. (There is no statute of limitations on collecting past-due support.)

Can a retirement disability be garnished?

Disability benefits are exempt from creditor attachment. They are not exempt if it pertains to child support or tax arrearage issues.

Can Social Security benefits be garnished to pay child support?


Do you have to apply for Social Security Disability when you start getting Long Term Disability from your employer?

Yes, if your disability insurance policy has a benefit that is integrated with social insurance benefits.Most employer paid disability insurance policies are integrated with social security benefits, because of the lower premium they have to pay. Individual disability insurance plans can be purchased with or without social security integration. Benefits that are not integrated with social security benefits will not be affected whether you apply or not for social security disability benefits.

Furniture rental business garnish ssi payments?

Social Security benefits can never be garnished. Unless the judgment is for child or spousal support, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation awards, relocation benefits or disability or health insurance benefits cannot be garnished. Garnishing payments made from a retirement plan is also very difficult.

Where can one find information on social security disability benefits?

The Social Security Administration has a great deal of information about disability benefits both online and in print form. They have pamphlets for each type of disability benefits available.

Can Social Security benefits be garnished for a defaulted car loan?

bs i had student loans being garnished from my disabilty ss

What are some differences when comparing disability vs social security benefits?

Disability and social security benefits can vary depending on the individual but some of the most common differences include spouse benefits when using social security, you can claim a dependent in social security, and widow benefits.