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depends on what state

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Q: Can your boyfriends mom get in trouble for you getting pregnant in her house?
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If you are 17 and pregnant by your 18 year old boyfriend can you move out of your house with him without you or him getting in trouble?

yes you can

Can a 17 year old move into her 29 year old boyfriends house without getting him into trouble in the state of Michigan?

Yes, the legal age of consent in Michigan is 16.

Can a pregnant 16 year old in New Mexico move into her 18 year old boyfriends house with out getting in trouble?

Moving out without parental consent could results in trouble. The age of consent is 16, so there shouldn't be a problem with the pregnancy, other than the normal challenges of being very young and without an education and trying to raise a child.

What rights do you have in getting your things from ex boyfriends house?

sneak in and steal it back it your stuff

Can you move out your house at 17 without getting in trouble in Florida?


Can move out of your parents house at the age of seventeen without getting into legal trouble?

in Texas you can

What to do when you get invited to your boyfriends house?

If you feel comfortable with the invite to your boyfriends house, then you should go. Only you know the whole situation and can decide if the timing is right for you to go to his house or not.

Is it safe to let a girl cat out free in the house when first getting it?

She will probably get pregnant .

Can you be added to the deeds of your boyfriends house that you are contributing to?


Can you leave your parents house at age 18 without getting in trouble?

yes legally. but its up to your parents

What were Tiger Woods obstacles in life?

Age, Racism, getting in trouble for chipping golf balls in the house.

Can you leave your parents house at 16 to another relatives house without getting in trouble?

Well Yes You Can Leave The House At 16 But If Your Parents Are Not To Keen About It You May Run Into A Bit Of Trouble On The Way. But Tenchnically Yes You Can Leave At 16 Because I Am!

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